Propaganda – Finals Theme at the WBF 2016

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Here is a gallery of the last day painting in categroy brush & sponge Worldaward at the World Bodypainting Festival 2016.
Model: Maria
Assistant: Adriatica Bodyart

The painting is about my fathers childhood & the iron cross. He is an author and poet – this is the first volume of his autobiographic novel.

My father Wilhelm Boehm was born in 1935 – On her chest you can see a portrait of him as a 10 old year boy.
At that time you were not asked about your opinion like today. Everybody had to fit in the system.- brainwashing the children by putting them into different organisations educated by the propaganda machinerie.
My dad had to join he “German Jungvolk” . In march 1945 he was called with his groupe to come to the Leipziger Platz in Reichenberg. There was an execution of a 16 years old german boy who had refused to use the bazooka against the russians- around his neck a wodden label plate with “FEIGLING” (coward)
This was the propaganda system: Kill others and be the lucky one to get propably nominated for the “Iron Cross” posthum or get directly killed as a coward by your own system for refusing to kill . There is blood on your fingers – no matter what you do.
When you said: I don’t believe in the “End Victory” you were suspicious for them – it was all a lie as the first chapter of my father’s book: “Auf des Messers Schneide”
But people haven’t learnt much since then- for example in Syria nowadays: you see innocent civilists getting killed basend on a lie called “Propaganda”- they don’t know who is there down on the ground,they believe what they are told and then they kill…
I don’t believe violence can be a solution for peace. YOU have to think and get the direct contact to the people- then you can think about it. You make your decision. The most precious thing in our times:  having an opinion that is based on real circumstances and being able to show it …. as an artist you can do it! Such as my father did.

Saving our peaceful precious wonderful world <3


Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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