Propaganda – Finals Theme at the WBF 2016

Here is a gallery of the last day painting in categroy brush & sponge Worldaward at the World Bodypainting Festival 2016. Model: Maria Assistant: Adriatica Bodyart PROPAGANDA The painting is about my fathers childhood & the iron cross. He is an author and poet – this is the first volume of his autobiographic novel. My father …

First Place „Open Category“ amatory World Bodypainting Festival 2015

proudly presenting my artwork that made the first place at the  World Bodypainting Festival 2015 LINK to WBF 2015 report thanx to my beautiful model: Marlies Maria Elisabeth Penker &  my assistant: Micha Joos , Cameleon Bodypaint and all photographers sending me so nice photos!         My Story Interpretation „Game of Life“ …

2nd Place Category „Photo Single“ and 2nd Place Category „Collection of 3“ World Bodypainting Festival Photoaward

This year I participated in the new categories of the photo award at the World Bodypainting Festival

I won in both categories 2nd place! See the FULL REPORT

2nd place PHOTO SINGLE
Space Zap- Photo single

2nd place COLLECTION OF 3

And here are all the other pictures I sent to the competition

Champion for „digital art“ Photoaward World Bodypaintingfestival 2013

This year at the Worldbodypaintingfestival 2013, I got the first place with the butterfly compositing of model: Sas and Bodypainter: Simon Smith Check also out my other submissions for the award. I also did a compositing for Ben Asif that was nominated for the 3rd place!