First Place “Open Category” amatory World Bodypainting Festival 2015

proudly presenting my artwork that made the first place at the  World Bodypainting Festival 2015

LINK to WBF 2015 report

thanx to my beautiful model: Marlies Maria Elisabeth Penker &  my assistant: Micha Joos , Cameleon Bodypaint

and all photographers sending me so nice photos!

        My Story Interpretation

“Game of Life”

No doubt :

Life is a challenge
Life is competition and probition
you may complain and shout:
life is human mission!
If you are successful
what a shame
thus a friendly game
for you
to win the match!

We all play our whole lfe: there is no success without having fun playing!

Take for example Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany used to play the game of political elections. Conchita Wurst played Eurovision Songcontest…. and my model Marlies played out her joker last weekend when she got 2nd at the Ironman. She is the fastest woman in Carinthia.

In my eyes they are all dreamdancers on stage- life is about taking risks, trying out, making beautiful mistakes, having fun- playing with your talents…. and then: at the important moment the magic bunny is jumping out for your surprise: just to tell you: “hey, you are on the right way!”
So take risks, have fun, have succeess and play your Game of Life- your talent is your Joker!


Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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