Erster Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda – 1st place at the 5th Bodypainting Apolda Contest

1.Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda🏆🏆🏆Model IrinaAssistent Marc ZimmermannKostümteile und Bodypainting Julie BoehmThema war Mythen, Sagen & Legenden🧜‍♀️🧞‍♀️🧚‍♂️Wir haben GAIA, die Erdenmutter und eine der ersten Götter der griechischen Mythologie thematisiert’. Sie bringt alles Lebende hervor, schützt und nährt es. Sie ist aber auch als Rache und Orakelgottheit bekannt. Spirituelle Menschen sagen Gaia ist unser beseelter …


Yesterday we went to a great and very unique screening MERAKI FILM FESTIVAL
“Screening Artistic Expression Films and Q&A with Directors” in Berlin.
“Paris you got me” won the “Best Art Film”!

Here are some impressions of the evening. The location was an old wine bar looking like a living room with comfortable, huge armchairs.

Wein Salon

59 Schreiner straße


MERAKI FILM FESTIVAL for Films created with love, passion and dedication!


LiveShow “Best VFX Short Film” Kingbonn Awards “China International New Media and Short Film Festival”

Ich bin gerade aus China zurückgekommen mit dieser tollen Nachricht für meinen Abschlussfilm “Paris you got me”. Wir haben die “Best VFX Short Film” Kingbonn Awards gewonnen. Artikel in englisch – zur Übersetzung bitte runterscrollen und google translate -> deutsch einstellen

I just came back from China with this great news for my graduation film “Paris you got me” We won “Best VFX Short Film” Kingbonn Awards “
Here is an extract video of the live show on TV

Interview at the Red Carpet Opening Ceremony:

  1. Your short film’s name Paris You Got Me may make people think you’re a French, but actually you’re a German. Why do you choose Paris rather than a place in Germany as the background of your short film?

I am In love with french art history. The french painters showed for the first time of european art history that creating art is all about imagination. The impressionists only painted what they saw in that special moment. It was kind of an emancipation from the real world. Art as the power of imagination. ‚Paris you got me‘ is about finding your own artistic way expressing and creating yourself

2. You’re a crossover artist and your works contain elements such as color-painting, music, dancing and 3D. So, these elements are created by you? How long did they take you to produce?

The whole production took 1,5 years. But it’s spirit is a cross-over of my past 10 years of studies in art. From dancing and classic arts to animation and film. We had a great team of strong “head ofs” bringing in additional ideas, so as a director you also have to be open with your concept. The DoP, Production Designer, VFX Supervisior and me – we met almost every week before the shooting. Paris,you got me TEAM

We are nominated for ‚Best VFX‘ – and this aspect was also the heart of the whole production, keeping it all together. Everything was planned right from the beginning from concepts, storyboarding, animatic, rehearsals, shooting to the post production. Since it is my graduation film I was involved in all challenges but I also had a strong team to make

3.What was the inspiration behind ” Paris you got me”?
It’s spirit is a cross-over of my past 10 years of studies in art. From dancing and classic arts to animation and film. We had a great team of strong “head ofs” bringing in additional ideas, so as a director you also have to be open with your concept. The DoP, Production Designer, VFX Supervisior and me – we met almost every week before the shooting.

4. The film seem to take a little inspiration from Mary Poppins. Was that intentional?
Yes, I am a big fan of vintage and classic movies.
Mary Poppins was definitefly one of them but also The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the “Magic Broom” of Fantasia, some films of Audrey Hepburn, Gene Kelly,…
As it is a story dancing through the history of art I feel it get connected better when you refer on the classic films.
“Paris you got me” is a mix of modern and vintage aesthetics all in an dreamy movie.”

5. How can people find out more information about your film including where it might be screened in the future

For 2019 you can find all informations about screenings on the button “festivals” on our website
Next year we will see how it goes and if there will be a screening on TV.
This will be announced on our social media channels

one of my friends was sitting in the row and filmed it too

Foto 03.12.18, 11 20 57

China International New Media Short Film Festival („CSFF“), sponsored by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and organized by Culture, Sports & Tourism Administration of Shenzhen Municipality, Guangming  District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality, and Shenzhen Media Group, is the only nationally-recognized international short film festival in China at present.


At the Film Market in Shenzen. During the week there is a market place with speeches for technical innovations and talks of the filmmakers. This year it was “Focus on Turkey”. Inspiring talks and great networking beside the presentations at the university of Shenzen.

I also did a bodypainting for the opening ceremony as you can see here.

CSFF Website 

Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design, Best Fiction Short Film at “the Roots of Europe International Film Festival 2018” for “Paris you got me”

Great news of last week: Winners of the Roots of Europe International Film Festival 2018 Last week we celebrated with great joy the second edition of the Roots of Europe International Film Festival, which theme was “Art and Heritage”. From Wednesday 7 to Friday 9 November we had the opportunity to enjoy film works from …

‚Best Student Film‘ at the Grace Film Festival for Paris you got me

‚Paris you got me‘ won ‚Best Student Film‘ at the Grace Film Festival in Berlin today.


Thanks to our friends the amazing pianist Lidia Kalendareva and the great composer Alin Cristian Oprea, photographer Hans Pieper, teammembers & allround artistic talent Thilan Stiller & his friend who came to the award ceremony 

The film will be shown in the ‚Moskau Edition‘ of the Grace Film Festival next year as our film is having the german premier at the Hofer Filmtage this week 

We are happy to be part of this very special & warm welcoming festival. Berlin you got us!👩‍🎤

“Outstanding International Student Film Award” at the ISFVF for “Paris you got me” & “Thank you” video message by Julie Boehm

Paris you got me won “the Outstanding International Student Film Award” at the ISFVF- the 17th International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy

Paris you got me winning the Outstanding International Student Film Award..jpgOn the evening of October 28, the closing ceremony was held in the cineplex of Beijing Film Academy.

as we had our german premier at the Internationale Hofer Filmtage – Hof International Film Festival we couldn’t be there & had to send a video message.
Thank you so much for this award!

Check out more about the Award Ceremony their website 
ISFVF on Facebook

WINNER “Best Film Dance” at “JISFF Joinville International Short Film Festival”

My diploma film “Paris you got me” just won “Best Film Dance” Category at the JISFF – Joinville International Short Film Festival , Santa Catarina, Brazil

our film was sceened in the dance section 3 29th of august 2018
their program here:

About the festival: 
The Joinville International Short Film Festival is a film festival meant to showcase innovative independent cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.
The festival hopes to be the voice and representation for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be.

Aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent.

All Winners 

First Place “Open Category” amatory World Bodypainting Festival 2015

proudly presenting my artwork that made the first place at the  World Bodypainting Festival 2015 LINK to WBF 2015 report thanx to my beautiful model: Marlies Maria Elisabeth Penker &  my assistant: Micha Joos , Cameleon Bodypaint and all photographers sending me so nice photos![youtube         My Story Interpretation “Game of …