Erster Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda – 1st place at the 5th Bodypainting Apolda Contest


1.Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda
Model Irina
Assistent Marc Zimmermann
Kostümteile und Bodypainting Julie Boehm
Bildzeitung Sachsen Anhalt 24.06.19
Thema war Mythen, Sagen & Legenden
Wir haben GAIA, die Erdenmutter und eine der ersten Götter der griechischen Mythologie thematisiert’.

Sie bringt alles Lebende hervor, schützt und nährt es. Sie ist aber auch als Rache und Orakelgottheit bekannt. 
Spirituelle Menschen sagen Gaia ist unser beseelter Planet mit Kraftlinien und -zentren (Chakren), mit einer eigenen Aura, Seele und Bewusstsein. Unsere Erde hat einen beweglichen Körper, denn sie atmet ein und aus.
Die Besinnung des Menschen auf die eigenen Wurzeln muss ihn zu dem Schluss bringen, Gaia zu ehren. Denn Sie kann ohne uns auskommen aber wir nicht ohne Sie. 


weiterer Bericht auf dem Blog von Senjo Color

1st place at the 5th Bodypainting Apolda Contest
Model Irina Vegel
Assistant Marc Zimmermann
Costume parts and bodypainting Julie Boehm
Congratulations to all for the great works of art:
1.Platz Julie Boehm
2nd place Astrid Hughes Yvonne Zonnenberg
3rd place Zamelio
4.Please @claudiadiesunddas
5th place Ramona Vörös

Theme was myths, legends and legends

We showed GAIA, the Earth Mother, and one of the first gods of Greek mythology.
She creates, protects and nourishes everything that is alive. But she is also known as a godess of revenge and she is an oracle deity.
Spiritual people say Gaia is our soulful planet with lines of force and centers (chakras), with its own aura, soul and consciousness. Our earth has a mobile body, because she breathes in and out.
On the way of finding back to our roots we need to honor Gaia. Because she can be without us but we can’t exist without her…

Many thanks to the amazing organizer Mirko Gerwenat !

An amazing event to share our passion and love for art


Best Visual Effects, Best Production Design, Best Fiction Short Film at “the Roots of Europe International Film Festival 2018” for “Paris you got me”

ROOTSOF EUROPEGreat news of last week:

Winners of the Roots of Europe International Film Festival 2018

Last week we celebrated with great joy the second edition of the Roots of Europe International Film Festival, which theme was “Art and Heritage”. From Wednesday 7 to Friday 9 November we had the opportunity to enjoy film works from all over the world, including short films and documentaries that surprised us with their ingenuity, quality and message.


The first two days were screened fiction and documentary short films of the official program that competed in the contest. At the third and final day the awards ceremony took place, where each of the award-winning categories was explained in addition to showing a piece of the films, and then the documentary “All the butchers come from Celie” was presented out of the competition, by Matías Zemljic, also director of the festival. The experimental short film “Vinci Project”, by Alain Escalle and “Conversaciones con Antonio López. El Cine” documentary also directed by Zemljic.

At the end of the night, part of the documentary of a pilgrimage from Alava to the Holy Land in 1924 was presented. It is a very valuable film document since it is perhaps one of the first documentary examples of cinema. The restoration process goes on and we hope next year to be able to see the complete work. The work was presented with an accompaniment to the piano by Miguel Etayo, an advanced degree in music composition and piano, who then delighted us with a concert of pieces of famous film soundtracks.

The hosts at the award ceremony were José Alipio Morejón, director of Roots of Europe, María Luz Mangado, PhD in Egyptology, who carried out the restoration of the documentary of the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Miguel Ángel Salazar, Film expert, and Matías Zemljic, Slovenian film director and our festival director. These last two also members of the jury of the festival with Santiago de Pablo, member of the Spanish Association of Cinematography, who could not be present at the gala for other commitments he had to carry on.

The winners of the second edition of the Roots of Europe International Film Festival 2018 are:

Best Visual Effects: “PARIS, YOU GOT ME”.

Best Cinematography: “FRANCZISKA”.

Best Production Design: “PARIS, YOU GOT ME”.

Best Editing: “THE RUNNING MAN”.

Best Screenplay: “SCULPTED IN MEMORY”. Original script by Rubén Seca.

Award for Technical Innovation in Audiovisual Arts: “PASSAGE”. Produced by Théoriz Studios.

Best Original Score: “THE VELVET ABSTRACT”. Original music by Jean-Pascal Beintus

Award for Artistic Contribution: “WAVES”. Directed by Vojtech Domlátil.

Award for the Defense of Cultural Heritage: “GOLD WORTH”, directed by Abbas Khosrojerdi.

Best Actor: Dalibor Herda for “HOW TO BE AN ARTIST”.

Best Actress: Marie-Chantal Desrosieres for “FRANCZISKA”.


Best Animation Short Film: “NAWABY BALUCHARI”, directed by Trisha Banerjee.

Best Documentary Short Film: “EN CUARTO OBSCURO”. Directed by Luigi Abanto Varese.

Best Fiction Short Film: “PARIS, YOU GOT ME”, directed by Julie Boehm.

Roots of Europe Special Prize: “LOS INSÉNICOS”, directed by Rafaela Uchoa.



WINNER “Best Film Dance” at “JISFF Joinville International Short Film Festival”

My diploma film “Paris you got me” just won “Best Film Dance” Category at the JISFF – Joinville International Short Film Festival , Santa Catarina, Brazil

our film was sceened in the dance section 3 29th of august 2018
their program here:

About the festival: 
The Joinville International Short Film Festival is a film festival meant to showcase innovative independent cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.
The festival hopes to be the voice and representation for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be.

Aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent.

All Winners 

First Place “Open Category” amatory World Bodypainting Festival 2015

proudly presenting my artwork that made the first place at the  World Bodypainting Festival 2015

LINK to WBF 2015 report

thanx to my beautiful model: Marlies Maria Elisabeth Penker &  my assistant: Micha Joos , Cameleon Bodypaint

and all photographers sending me so nice photos!

        My Story Interpretation

“Game of Life”

No doubt :

Life is a challenge
Life is competition and probition
you may complain and shout:
life is human mission!
If you are successful
what a shame
thus a friendly game
for you
to win the match!

We all play our whole lfe: there is no success without having fun playing!

Take for example Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany used to play the game of political elections. Conchita Wurst played Eurovision Songcontest…. and my model Marlies played out her joker last weekend when she got 2nd at the Ironman. She is the fastest woman in Carinthia.

In my eyes they are all dreamdancers on stage- life is about taking risks, trying out, making beautiful mistakes, having fun- playing with your talents…. and then: at the important moment the magic bunny is jumping out for your surprise: just to tell you: “hey, you are on the right way!”
So take risks, have fun, have succeess and play your Game of Life- your talent is your Joker!