“Outstanding International Student Film Award” at the ISFVF for “Paris you got me” & “Thank you” video message by Julie Boehm

Paris you got me won “the Outstanding International Student Film Award” at the ISFVF- the 17th International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy

Paris you got me winning the Outstanding International Student Film Award..jpgOn the evening of October 28, the closing ceremony was held in the cineplex of Beijing Film Academy.

as we had our german premier at the Internationale Hofer Filmtage – Hof International Film Festival we couldn’t be there & had to send a video message.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqHaKdTFiSc&w=900&h=576%5D
Thank you so much for this award!

Check out more about the Award Ceremony their website 
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