Erster Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda – 1st place at the 5th Bodypainting Apolda Contest


1.Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda
Model Irina
Assistent Marc Zimmermann
Kostümteile und Bodypainting Julie Boehm
Bildzeitung Sachsen Anhalt 24.06.19
Thema war Mythen, Sagen & Legenden
Wir haben GAIA, die Erdenmutter und eine der ersten Götter der griechischen Mythologie thematisiert’.

Sie bringt alles Lebende hervor, schützt und nährt es. Sie ist aber auch als Rache und Orakelgottheit bekannt. 
Spirituelle Menschen sagen Gaia ist unser beseelter Planet mit Kraftlinien und -zentren (Chakren), mit einer eigenen Aura, Seele und Bewusstsein. Unsere Erde hat einen beweglichen Körper, denn sie atmet ein und aus.
Die Besinnung des Menschen auf die eigenen Wurzeln muss ihn zu dem Schluss bringen, Gaia zu ehren. Denn Sie kann ohne uns auskommen aber wir nicht ohne Sie. 


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1st place at the 5th Bodypainting Apolda Contest
Model Irina Vegel
Assistant Marc Zimmermann
Costume parts and bodypainting Julie Boehm
Congratulations to all for the great works of art:
1.Platz Julie Boehm
2nd place Astrid Hughes Yvonne Zonnenberg
3rd place Zamelio
4.Please @claudiadiesunddas
5th place Ramona Vörös

Theme was myths, legends and legends

We showed GAIA, the Earth Mother, and one of the first gods of Greek mythology.
She creates, protects and nourishes everything that is alive. But she is also known as a godess of revenge and she is an oracle deity.
Spiritual people say Gaia is our soulful planet with lines of force and centers (chakras), with its own aura, soul and consciousness. Our earth has a mobile body, because she breathes in and out.
On the way of finding back to our roots we need to honor Gaia. Because she can be without us but we can’t exist without her…

Many thanks to the amazing organizer Mirko Gerwenat !

An amazing event to share our passion and love for art


Bodypainting für Bleistifte bei Reidinger

Hier gibt es eine neue Publikation mit meiner Arbeit.
Reidinger ist Ihr Spezialist für Werbe-Bleistifte. Direkt online konfigurieren und bestellen. Bleistifte, Zimmermannsstifte, Buntstifte und Zollstöcke als Werbeartikel. Persönliche Beratung. Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung
Somit ein ganz einzigartiges Bodypainting der Bleistifte als Geschenk für Ihre Kunden!

Website Reidinger
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Model: Ramona Salatsch
Bodypainting Assistent: Marc Zimmermann, Fotograf: Wolfgang Müller
Bodypainting und Digitale Bearbeitung: Julie Boehm

Here is a new publication with my work.
Reidinger is your specialist for promotional pencils. Configure and order directly online. Pencils, carpenter’s pencils, crayons and rulers as promotional items. Personal advice. Over 30 years experience
Thus, a very unique bodypainting of pencils as a gift for your customers!

3rd Place BodyArt contest Czech republic

Model: Simona
Colors: Cameleon
Bodypainting: Julie Boehm

Theme was “ELEMENTS”

My interpretation

What is the element of life?
Sometimes we forget that we are a part of nature ourselves, we can’t live without it. By exploiting the natural elements we harm ourselves.
Fire may extinguish, water may dry out. Thus the most important thing is to act with care to guarantee a life for our children.

A green future with a healthy balance of use and preservation of the elements is essential, otherwise there might be no future at all:
We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children.

“Fractured Beauty” – creative makeup progress

Last weekend I was in Luzern, Switzerland for a Makeup Competition.

Here I share my weekend with you.

Some video impressions of the competition:

First video / pictures with my beautiful model at @swisscreativemakeupcontest
Artwork by @julieboehm_artist

Theme of the competition was “ILLUSION”

The beauty we see is an illusion, an interaction of order and chaos. (Order: ordered geometric arrangement of the diamante surfaces, chaos: irregular, seemingly chaotic appearance of the refractions.)
The visual appearance, however, is only a fragment of reality – broken light – to recognize the true nature of things requires more than just looking at the radiant surface

2nd Place Creative Makeup inspired by Tim Burtin at the BokehFFF18 in Capetown

My work for the creative makeup award inspired by Tim Burton at the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival won 2nd place! Organized by Einat Dan

I created 2 Makeups in one makeup to show the different characters of Tim Burtons Films – you have to look with different colours of light:

photos by Julie Boehm

Everyone of us has two faces: the bright and the dark side – with Edward and most of Tim Burtons characters we get to see the dark one, because it seems to be more interesting – but the bright one, the inner soul is hidden. Edward gets missunderstood due to his scary appearance, which hides his true talents. So I wanted to do a makeup showing two sides – the bright and innocent you can only see with the red light

For more information go to

photos by Alec Smith

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Facebook: @bokehfff

Twitter: @bokehfff

Instagram: @bokehfff

photos by Julie Boehm

Show-Bodypainting at Daegu Southkorea International Bodypainting Festival

Some snapshots of  my showpainting at the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival with my model Olga 

video of the presentation:

Honored I was one of the judges at the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival Awards in South Korea this past weekend.

This impressive production has the highest paying prizes that I’m aware of in this field of art. And these resilient people were not going to let a Typhoon stop the show!

Angela Rene Roberts from Louisiana
Fernando Machado of Uruguay,
Emma Cammack of England,
Yolanda Bartram of New Zealand
and me Julie Boehm of Germany,

completed the jury of the elite artists.

I enjoyed it so much painting my work about this EMPOWERMENT
I painted the symbolic animals that incorporated the amazing competition for me:

🐯 TIGERS- for COURAGE (go for being different)
🐦The PEACOCK- for BEAUTY(Category Fantasy Makeup Competition literally beauty artventure)
🦉 OWL- to chose wisely the right winner being a judge…

Hier ein paar Bilder von dem Showpainting was ich beim ‚Daegu International Bodypainting Festival‘ mit meinem Model Olga von Acrostudio_extreme26 kreierte.
Bodypainting by Julie Boehm

Als Jurorin kreierte ich ein Painting welches den Wettkampfgeist wiederspiegelt:

– Der Tiger als mutiges Element etwas Neues , Unkonventionelles auszuprobieren
– Der Pfau für die Schönheit. Fantasy Makeup Award ist bei diesem Wettbewerb einzigartig
– Die Eule auf der Rückseite für die richtige Entscheidung des Gewinners


my model Olga also made a video about her performance: