“Wenn der Tod sich wieder in den Frühling verliebt” Visuelles Gedicht

Visual Poem über eine schwierige Beziehung ✨ und meine Liebe zum Frühling und alles was wie ein Wunder jedes Jahr neu erwacht! 🔊 sound on

I am the end of all things
The silent reaper of souls
The final curtain on the stage
The darkness that enfolds

I have no joy or sorrow
No passion or desire
I only do my duty
With coldness and with fire

But once a year I see her
The maiden of the flowers
She brings the light and color
She wakes the sleeping powers

She is the start of all things
The giver of new life
The opener of the windows
The healer of the strife

She has a smile that dazzles
A laughter that delights
She fills the air with fragrance
She dances in the heights

She makes me feel something
A stirring in my chest
A longing and a yearning
A flutter and a quest

I want to be near her
To touch her gentle hand
To kiss her rosy lips
To hold her in a band

But I know it is forbidden
A curse upon us both
For I am death and she is life
And we are ever loath

So I must watch her from afar
And suffer in my gloom
Until she fades away again
And I resume my doom.

Model: Letizia Borella
Konzept/ Makeup/ Video/ Fotos von Julie Boehm
Designer, MuA Assistentin: Lora Tulchinski

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Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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