BODYART Swimwear for Lora Tulchinski – Video and Photos

The last days I was in Munich to help the amazing artist Lora Tulchinski painting swimsuits for her fashion show in Munich.

The first day I painted the swimwear design on beautiful model Maria Nadia Blanco

the second day amazing Esther Karrer was my model for a freestyle design I created.


I also edited a video about the event

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Bodypainting Colors : Cameleon Bodypaint & Senjo Color

„Fractured Beauty“ – creative makeup progress

Last weekend I was in Luzern, Switzerland for a Makeup Competition.

Here I share my weekend with you.

Some video impressions of the competition:

First video / pictures with my beautiful model at @swisscreativemakeupcontest
Artwork by @julieboehm_artist

Theme of the competition was „ILLUSION“

The beauty we see is an illusion, an interaction of order and chaos. (Order: ordered geometric arrangement of the diamante surfaces, chaos: irregular, seemingly chaotic appearance of the refractions.)
The visual appearance, however, is only a fragment of reality – broken light – to recognize the true nature of things requires more than just looking at the radiant surface

BLACK WIDOW film now online

After hauting on many international film festivals my 2nd year film at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg BLACK WIDOW is finally online!

Enjoy watching it!

Black Widow (2015) from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg on Vimeo.

starring dancer ALINA RUPPEL (Eliza) & ERIC FIGULA

Director, Story, Editor: Julie Boehm
Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic and Nina Schwarz
VFX: Marc Zimmermann
DoP: Dominik Moos
Camera assistant: Leo Eßbach
Camera coach: Jonas Schneider
Gaffer: Max Christmann
Mirco Jüngling, Dennis Czaja
Technical Assistant: Tim Weskamp
DIT: Friedemann Leis
Art Director: Maike Kiefer
Assitants: Antonie Kiefer, Ayca Arabaci, Miriam Behrens
Fashion Design, Mask, Makeup, Styling: Birgit Mörtl
BW-Film supernumerary Katja Trautwein, Marisa Meier , Emilia Reich
Set Photographers: Gerhard Busch , Michael Vogel


UNIQUECORN 1rst place Bodypainting Festival Trebgast

winning 1rst place at Trebgast Bodypainting Festival , 16th August 2015!

„The Bavarian UNIQUECORN“
rocking team:
Model: Eileen
Bodypainting Assistant: Maria Mürle
Bodypainter, Concept, Fashion, Photos: Julie Boehm

video & photos: Bridal Pair Painting for Art Fashion Studio – Calendar 2015

the beautiful real bride pair:
Ramona & Philip Schlössinger
I wish them luck & happiness for their life together!

Photographer: Dmitri Moisseev

Bodypainting, digital postproduction, making-of video:

Happiness is not in our circumstance but in ourselves.
It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel,
like the heat of a fire.
Happiness is something we are.
John B. Sheerin –