“Fractured Beauty” – creative makeup progress

Last weekend I was in Luzern, Switzerland for a Makeup Competition.

Here I share my weekend with you.

Some video impressions of the competition:

First video / pictures with my beautiful model @roxy.ba at @swisscreativemakeupcontest
Artwork by @julieboehm_artist

Theme of the competition was “ILLUSION”

The beauty we see is an illusion, an interaction of order and chaos. (Order: ordered geometric arrangement of the diamante surfaces, chaos: irregular, seemingly chaotic appearance of the refractions.)
The visual appearance, however, is only a fragment of reality – broken light – to recognize the true nature of things requires more than just looking at the radiant surface

2nd Place Creative Makeup inspired by Tim Burtin at the BokehFFF18 in Capetown

My work for the creative makeup award inspired by Tim Burton at the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival won 2nd place! Organized by Einat Dan

I created 2 Makeups in one makeup to show the different characters of Tim Burtons Films – you have to look with different colours of light:

photos by Julie Boehm

Everyone of us has two faces: the bright and the dark side – with Edward and most of Tim Burtons characters we get to see the dark one, because it seems to be more interesting – but the bright one, the inner soul is hidden. Edward gets missunderstood due to his scary appearance, which hides his true talents. So I wanted to do a makeup showing two sides – the bright and innocent you can only see with the red light

For more information go to www.bokehfestival.co.za

photos by Alec Smith

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photos by Julie Boehm

SFX Makeup Demo “The Walking Dead” -Dragon Days 2016

Am 31.Oktober, Halloween dieses Jahr hatte ich eine Live Demo für Special Effect Makeup im Metropol Kino Stuttgart.
Der Künstler der “The Walking Dead”  Comicserie Charlie Adlard zeichnete live…im Wechsel interviewte der Moderator ihn und mich.
Ich präsentierte 2 Specialeffect Makeups mit meinen Models Nora Back und Tobias Wilhelmer. Anlässlich der “DragonDays” bekam Nora ein DrachenMakeup.
Tobias wurde Zombie inspiriert von dem Künstlertalk mit Charlie Adlard.
Hier sind ein paar Fotos von dem Event. Video folgt noch….
Colours: Cameleon Bodypaint ❤

Models: Nora Back und Tobias Wilhelmer
Fotos: Julie Boehm und Ronny Schönebaum
Veranstalter: Tobias Wengert, DragonDays
Location: Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart, Metropol2

This year at Halloween, Oct 31rst I had a live demontration at the Cinema Metropol in Stuttgart.
The artist of  “The Walking Dead”  Comics Charlie Adlard draw live…. there was an interview about his work and the moderator also asked about my artistical career; how I got started and the link to zombies.
I did 2 SFX makeups: one dragon (inspired by the DragonDays) and one Zombie for the “Walking Dead” feeling of this evening.