Mystical Beauty Bodypainting First Equatorial Bodypainting Festival

This was my second painting at the 1. Equatorial Bodypainting Festival in Malabo.

For this design I got inspired by the Beauty of my model Videna. Totally loved her shape of the head and the black shiny skin that was so different from European models.

Also you have to use other colors for this skin. It gets mixed all with their own color. For example ‘yellow’ is not working at all, go for very pigmented bright (light blue, white, pink) or metallic shiny colors (gold, silver, bronze)

My favorite Bodypainting Color brand is Cameleon Bodypaint – they got a lot of pigments – and they got the best UV Colors as well. No other brands I know has so many tones of UV colors. My fav one is Magenta

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