Northern Nature – Bodypainting Shooting Video and Photo Impressions

Here are some impressions of my last Bodypainting Shooting in the North of Germany. It was quite cold and we just had 3 hours painting outdoor on the beach. But with a perfect teamwork you can get these results I can show you here: [youtube Bodypainting Colors: Cameleon Great Model: Edyta  Thanks to photographer: …

3rd Place BodyArt contest Czech republic

Model: SimonaColors: CameleonBodypainting: Julie Boehm Theme was “ELEMENTS” My interpretation What is the element of life?Sometimes we forget that we are a part of nature ourselves, we can’t live without it. By exploiting the natural elements we harm ourselves.Fire may extinguish, water may dry out. Thus the most important thing is to act with care …

The Hidden Key is…. (3D Painting- timelapse)

Manchmal liegt der Schlüssel eines Problemes ganz offen auf der Hand … oder Arm 🙂 Mir geht es manchmal auch so und wenn man so intensiv in einem Projekt steckt sieht man diesen Schlüssel erst, wenn man eine kurze Pause macht und sich danach wieder dran setzt.

In diesem Sinne – hier ein Making Of zum verborgenen Schlüssel:


> mehr kleinere Paintings (link)

sometimes the key to a solution is already there, we just don’t see it. So this painting is about the effect of making a break and then discovering your key 🙂

have fun watching my stopmotion makingof