Calendar 2020 and Bored Panda Publication about Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival

The description: Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival 2020 Calendar just got published by Calvendo!!! So cool!!! Check it out!!! Get your copy!!! English version link: CALVENDO Also available on Amazon in Germany First Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival held in the Malabo National Park was a stunning display of beauty and talented artistry. Top artists from 18 …

Heroes Bodypainting 1. Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting International Festival

Here I share some photos of my Bodypainting HeroDesign for the 3rd day of the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting International Festival. this was the 2nd weekend of the festival. Great experience working with local beauties who were modelling for their first time in life. They did it really great. Headpieces by Lora Tulchinski Follow the Festival on Facebook Instagram

Exploring Malabo during the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival

During our free days we went on tours to explore the island of Malabo Here are some pictures I took with my camera. Half day bus shuttle in the jungle and then we got to a station where they rescue animals Follow the Festival on Facebook Instagram

Equatorial Bodypainting Festival : magical painting days with kids at school

  One of the highlights was our visit to four local schools during the week  Facepainting a lot of kids and a magician show with Frank Nicols. So I got in contact with a lot of local kids/ students! Great experience to make them happy ☺️ Follow the Festival on Facebook Instagram