FMX2017 Trailer & making- of released

Watch now the Official Trailer of the FMX2017

This was our last year’s production ELEMENTAL
Producer: Lena Lohfink,  scenic Producer: Annka Boberg, Veith Unger
Director: Adrian Meyer
VFX & Compositing Lead Artist: Denis Krez
VFX Artists: David Bellenbaum, Matthias Heim
DoP: Dominik Moos 
Editor: Tobias Wilhelmer
TD: Hesham Mahmoud
Dancers:  Momo Sanno, Annika HakalaYamil Sun RayPingting Zang
I was responsible for the casting of the dancers, worked on the choreography & storyboard and did some additional compositing in the postproduction.

— FMX Website description: “Beyond the Screen” —–
The FMX trailers are traditionally created by students of the Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in their third year of study.

more makingof photos:

The FMX 2017 trailer Elemental delivers the visuals for a multifaceted program – and it breathes the spirit of “Beyond the Screen” as an exemplary blend of technological finesse and humanistic values alike. The trailer depicts four expressive dancers who transform into the elements of air, earth, fire and water, in order to further metamorphose into a completely unique, new form.
Adrian Meyer, the Director of Elemental and creative mind behind the original trailer idea – which is now further translated into print and online visuals by the team’s Concept Artist Julie Böhm, Producer Lena-Carolin Lohfink and Technical Lead David Bellenbaum – explains the back story:

The inspiration for the film Elemental was the exercise in itself – to create something that is new and fascinating as a group of artists, together. The idea was to illustrate the collective process of creation as a dance in all its facets, focusing on attraction, but also on friction and polarization inside a team. Inspired by the four elements of nature, the different energies and forms of expressions of the dancers clash. And finally they emerge into something new and energetic.

(Text Source FMX Website)


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