Galaktische Schlange Godess Bodypainting

Hier ein letztes Bodypainting . Der Fotograf Erwin Weiler wünschte sich eine galaktische Schlange.

Model: Nicola

Foto: Erwin Weiler , Helmut Denk

Bodypainting und Bildbearbeitung: Julie Boehm

Ein Bild ist auch Teil des Kalenders Bodypainting Adventures 2019 (hier bestellen)

hier noch ein Makingof Video vom Shooting

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Conceptual Choreo Sketches ITFS Trailer 2016 Elemental

Here I show you some Choreo sketches I draw in dec 2015. Concepts for the performance of the LifeAction Shooting, ITFS Trailer ‚Elemental‘

Four dancers of different ethnics transforming into their element and fusing together to the 5th element –  significant for the international artists coming together on the ‚Conference of Animation & Visual Effects‘ – the FMX in Stuttgart every year.

watch the final trailer here:


It was quite a difficult project concering the cooperation with the director . Showing me that one person in leading position can eat the motivational energy of a whole team. My all over learning out of this project was:
Rather make my own projects, select the people you want to work with and appreciate their work, sometimes motivation is more important than knowledge – they can also learn & succeed, trust in people but also have a backup when it fails, schedules your working plan.
And: I love working with artists & dancers
Nobody can pull you down: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

So I got the job of doing the whole print campaign and making a dance show of this subject for the Conference of Visual Effects and New Media FMX in 2017.

All Articles of this work can be found here 

watch the final trailer here:


FMX 2017 – Element Earth released

Momentan arbeite ich an der Print Kampage der FMX 2017– Konferenz für Animation und Visuelle Effekte. Heute wurde der Teaser zum Element Erde released. Schnitt: Dave Bellenbaum , Producer: Lena Lohfink , Composing Illustration Erde Design: Julie Boehm Tänzer: Momo Peter Sanno -> alle Credits zum orginalen Trailer “Elemental” der an der Filmakademie 2016 produziert wurde …