Video Timelapse Cat Face

New FACEPAINTING – she s a cat (underneath her skin)

I got some new colors: most of all red tones: so I decided to paint a red cat!

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base; water base makeup of SENJO COLOR – advertisement

For shading and smooth blending I used oil base makeup flash color – no payed advertisement, just my recommendation
– they are similar to MAKE UP FOR EVER – 12 Flash Color Case – but less expensiv

Dragon Headpiece Tutorial

Next week I will paint for an exhibtion of dragons. So my model needs to get transformed into a wild dragon of the castle
So here is the making of of my headpiece: 1 1/2 days of creation

Used Material:

wire, aluminium foil, paper tape, foam rubber, cotton pads, hot glue gun, latex , plastic nails, acrylicy, gold pigments, varnish

-> You can see the full design of my bodypainting here