“Fractured Beauty” how I created the headpiece

Here I share you my progress how I created the headpiece of the “Fractured Beauty artwork

It took me a long time to figure out my vision of this headpiece that should be glamorious and light at the same time


Alice Band
foam rubber (normal and glitter)
Glitter cardboard
Hot glue gun
Sparkling stones’
fairy lights 

Everything started with an Alice Band I connected with wire and sticked on some foam rubber pieces

I created 7 diamond shaped paper gems and sticked it on with hot glue gun

and I sticked on 6 Diamonds of another shape

I also fixed lights behind the headpiece to enlighten it and put some more pieces of glittered rubber foam an silver glitter

the final look on my model with my creative makeup

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Thanks, Julie


Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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