Living Art Amercia / Video Clip Atlanta

Living Art America
Future Vision

Atlanta 2014
Video: Julie Boehm
Model: Elizabeth Anderson Ward
Bodypainting “Wodden Doll”: Julie Boehm assisted by Orly Faya Snir

Including artitst with their artworks & models
Hyun Yong Jin , Gesine Marwedel, Wolf Reicherter, Anna Barendregt,
Breanna Cooke, Alex Hansen,…

music: “Fascination” by Evan Gildersleeve, Lawrence King
video & cam: Julie Boehm

Art Nouveau Style Bodypainting-Shooting

In this Bodypainting Shooting I painted the beautiful red hair model Maria in style of Art Nouveau.

I got inspirated by some painters of the 20th century like Klimt who integrated a 3d looking woman into graphic 2d ornaments (for example “Judith”).
So I mixed camouflage integration but also didn’t cover the whole body in this decorative style.
The background I painted on the studio paper.

Here is also a short instavideo of the shooting

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