Erster Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda – 1st place at the 5th Bodypainting Apolda Contest


1.Platz beim 5. Bodypainting-Wettbewerb in Apolda
Model Irina
Assistent Marc Zimmermann
Kostümteile und Bodypainting Julie Boehm
Bildzeitung Sachsen Anhalt 24.06.19
Thema war Mythen, Sagen & Legenden
Wir haben GAIA, die Erdenmutter und eine der ersten Götter der griechischen Mythologie thematisiert‘.

Sie bringt alles Lebende hervor, schützt und nährt es. Sie ist aber auch als Rache und Orakelgottheit bekannt. 
Spirituelle Menschen sagen Gaia ist unser beseelter Planet mit Kraftlinien und -zentren (Chakren), mit einer eigenen Aura, Seele und Bewusstsein. Unsere Erde hat einen beweglichen Körper, denn sie atmet ein und aus.
Die Besinnung des Menschen auf die eigenen Wurzeln muss ihn zu dem Schluss bringen, Gaia zu ehren. Denn Sie kann ohne uns auskommen aber wir nicht ohne Sie. 


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1st place at the 5th Bodypainting Apolda Contest
Model Irina Vegel
Assistant Marc Zimmermann
Costume parts and bodypainting Julie Boehm
Congratulations to all for the great works of art:
1.Platz Julie Boehm
2nd place Astrid Hughes Yvonne Zonnenberg
3rd place Zamelio
4.Please @claudiadiesunddas
5th place Ramona Vörös

Theme was myths, legends and legends

We showed GAIA, the Earth Mother, and one of the first gods of Greek mythology.
She creates, protects and nourishes everything that is alive. But she is also known as a godess of revenge and she is an oracle deity.
Spiritual people say Gaia is our soulful planet with lines of force and centers (chakras), with its own aura, soul and consciousness. Our earth has a mobile body, because she breathes in and out.
On the way of finding back to our roots we need to honor Gaia. Because she can be without us but we can’t exist without her…

Many thanks to the amazing organizer Mirko Gerwenat !

An amazing event to share our passion and love for art


3rd Place BodyArt contest Czech republic

Model: Simona
Colors: Cameleon
Bodypainting: Julie Boehm

Theme was „ELEMENTS“

My interpretation

What is the element of life?
Sometimes we forget that we are a part of nature ourselves, we can’t live without it. By exploiting the natural elements we harm ourselves.
Fire may extinguish, water may dry out. Thus the most important thing is to act with care to guarantee a life for our children.

A green future with a healthy balance of use and preservation of the elements is essential, otherwise there might be no future at all:
We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children.

„Fractured Beauty“ – creative makeup progress

Last weekend I was in Luzern, Switzerland for a Makeup Competition.

Here I share my weekend with you.

Some video impressions of the competition:

First video / pictures with my beautiful model at @swisscreativemakeupcontest
Artwork by @julieboehm_artist

Theme of the competition was „ILLUSION“

The beauty we see is an illusion, an interaction of order and chaos. (Order: ordered geometric arrangement of the diamante surfaces, chaos: irregular, seemingly chaotic appearance of the refractions.)
The visual appearance, however, is only a fragment of reality – broken light – to recognize the true nature of things requires more than just looking at the radiant surface

2nd Place Creative Makeup inspired by Tim Burtin at the BokehFFF18 in Capetown

My work for the creative makeup award inspired by Tim Burton at the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival won 2nd place! Organized by Einat Dan

I created 2 Makeups in one makeup to show the different characters of Tim Burtons Films – you have to look with different colours of light:

photos by Julie Boehm

Everyone of us has two faces: the bright and the dark side – with Edward and most of Tim Burtons characters we get to see the dark one, because it seems to be more interesting – but the bright one, the inner soul is hidden. Edward gets missunderstood due to his scary appearance, which hides his true talents. So I wanted to do a makeup showing two sides – the bright and innocent you can only see with the red light

For more information go to

photos by Alec Smith

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photos by Julie Boehm

2. Platz und Veranstalterpreis Schwarzwald Bodypaintingfestival 2018

„Wir haben die Erde nicht von unseren Ahnen geerbet
– wir haben sie von unseren Kindern geliehen“

Am Wochenende gewann ich den 2. Platz und Veranstalterpreis beim Schwarzwald Bodypaintingfestival 2018 – Hierzu ein paar Impressionen

Model: Magda Slota // Artist & Photo: Julie Boehm // Ass.: Melissa Brunner // Colors: Cameleon Bodypaint
Thema: „Wald & Nachhaltigkeit“

Meine Interpretation: „Mehr Wald für unsere Kinder“ auf zwei Arten:

1) den Wald zu schützen, damit die kommenden Generationen ihn in seiner Vielfalt noch erleben können wie wir ihn kennen. Wir haben nur diesen Planeten.
2) Nachhaltige Prägung des Bewusstseins unserer Kinder, dass der Wald ein Pol der Kraft und Erholung ist – wo man zu seinen Wurzeln der friedlichen Harmonie zurückkehren kann – fernab des stressigen , städitischen Alltags.

First impressions of yesterday’s competition
where we won 2nd place and the organizers price
topic was about „forest & sustainability“

„We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children“

My interpretation: ‚More forest for our children‘ in two ways:
1) to protect the forest so the forthcoming generations can experience it . We just have this planet to live.
2) Sustainable shaping of the consciousness of our children that the forest is a pole of strength and recreation – where you can get back to your roots of peaceful harmony – far from your stressful urban daily life.

2. Platz & Sponsorenpreis Schwarzwald Bodypaintingfestival 2017

Letztes Wochenende war ich mit Marc Zimmermann (Bodypainting Assistent) und Irina Vegel (Model) im Schwarzwald zum Bodypaintingwettbewerb. Wir gewannen den 2. Platz beim Publikumsvoting und den Sonderpreis des Sponsors.
Hier sind ein paar Fotos:

Das Thema war: HEIMAT
Unser Design war den Artgenossen von Marcs Schildkröte „Teye“ gewidmet. Nur eine von 1000 kleinen Schildkröten schafft es gross zu werden. Nach 30 Jahren kehrt die weibliche Schildkröte zum Heimatstrand zurück um dort die Eier abzulegen…
Mittlerweile müssen die Meeresschildkröte sehr lange Wege zurücklegen da die meißten Strände vom Menschen besiedelt oder in Urlaubsstrände verwandelt wurden.
Jeder kehrt wie die Schildkröten wieder in seine Heimat irgendwann mal wieder zurück… zu seinen Wurzeln um sich selbst zu verstehen.

Fotos: Samuel Gall / Sagaphoto, Ellen und Gerhard Busch, Gordon Brenner, Heinzelmann, Alla Bechler Art, Zakoschek, Rolf Reinmann

„2. Platz & Sponsorenpreis Schwarzwald Bodypaintingfestival 2017“ weiterlesen

Champion of Living Art America 2016 Professional  

This are so amazing news:

First place with my korean creative partner Hyun Yong Jin at the ‚Living Art America‘ 2016 Bodypainting Championship Professional Category –

my makingof video

photos by Julie Boehm, Joashua Macias, Rick Badillo , Dmitri Moisseev,…

The theme of the competition was ‚The Face of Change‘ – here is the interpretation . Big thanx to Kelly Jordan Nelson for her ideas to create and artwork with message- meaning for more awareness in the world!


“Resistance, Unity and Mass Consciousness”

The history of America has two faces, the one in American history books and the less told version of a first people who lived sustainably on this land for centuries before invasion and genocide rendered them broken, silenced and pushed into obscurity. 

Today, as we speak, the largest gathering of indigenous tribes in recorded history (over 200 tribes) have assembled to fight against the Dakota Pipeline which threatens the water supply and the great Missouri River. 

Standing Rock is more than just a fight to stop the pipeline, it is a fight to preserve the Indigenous way of life— a way of life that seeks to live in unity with the elements, not to profit from them.

Water is life, not a business.

Standing Rock symbolizes a story of change in America, an entire race of peoples’ fight to change their future, and a fight for our Earth who’s inhabitants are ALL natives.    

Standing Rock is the face of change in real time, right now, TODAY!




Dream Catcher: Represents the hopes and dreams like stars in the universe

Praying Lady: Represents the indigenous spirituality that is entwined with our Earth Mother

Mount Rushmore: / juxtaposition of two faces and two histories of our nation

Pipes: Black pipes represent the Dakota oil pipeline. The gold “oil” inside represents the money greed that drives mankind to rape the Earth of her resources for profit

Model Face and Neck:

Tears: Represents the “great sadness” that began with the Historical “Trail of Tears” in 1838-1839 where tribes were rounded up and marched across the country to reservations. Countless lives were lost on the trail. The gold tone of the tears symbolizes the sadness over the continued greed that pollutes the Earth and pushes the tribes people into despair.

Stones with woman: According to Sioux tribal spiritual legend, within the Black Hills of South Dakota lies the “heart of the Earth”. The current Standing Rock movement is based in this sacred space. The woman shown is literally “standing on a rock” inside a symbolic circle of stones that represents the “Sacred Stone Camp” which the central camp inside the movement at Standing Rock. She sends her hope rising for a brighter future shaped by a collective memory etched in communal stone which can be passed down to the next Seven Generations.

Model Shoulders:

Pipes: These represent the destructive burrowing into the Earth of the Dakota pipeline

Model Chest and Body:

White Buffalo Face: Native Americans see the birth of a white buffalo calf as the sign to begin life’s sacred hoop believing it will bring about purity of mind, body, and spirit and unify all nations—black, red, yellow, and white.
It is a symbol of hope and and indication that great change is to come. This buffalo is split in half representing death brought by environmental destruction or life brought on by positive change.

Child Face: This is the universal child bathing in water, the symbol of life. The child represents the future waiting to be born.

Eagle Heads: Another symbolic split between death and life…if we don’t make change, death will take flight.

Native American Face Coin: Represents choice…and a split outcome. One choice brings death and destruction, the other life and renewal.

Model’s Arms:

Water polluted by oil and tainted by gold representing greed


American Flag / Eagle Face: Symbolizes American strength

Leaves and Woman: She is the face of the Earth Mother in the tribal paint worn when tribe members are seeking guidance for the future. She is being restrained and her voice silenced by the hands of greed sprouting from the pipeline.

Hourglass: Time is running out as greed has a firm grip on our Earth, crushing the life out of her. Oil drips from the destroyed Earth onto the pristine native lands. The roots of history grow down around the hourglass.

Model Legs:

The native people call the pipeline the “black snake”. The entwined snakes and pipelines represent the invasive black snake taking over the land.

Standing Rock is the face of change in real time, right now, TODAY!