Cats at night / Katzen bei Nacht – Illustration

Hier habe ich ein Makingof zu einem letzter Illustration kreiert habe. Eine meiner Lieblingsprogramme ist Artrage, darin kann man fast wie analog in Öl malen.
Seht selbst in meinem Video:

Here I show you a new illustration I created in ARTRAGE Software.
I just love artrage as it is much more analog painting than in photoshop. My favorite tool is the “oil brush” and then “smudging tool”

Artrage is similar to “Corel Paint” but less expensive.

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Hier noch das Gedicht zu der Grusskarte die ihr hier bestellen könnt



Zwei Katzen fette Beute sich erhoffen,

Wo eine Maus in schlimmen Ängsten schwebt,

Kann sie Errettung noch erhoffen

Und dankbar sein, weil sie noch lebt?


Doch überraschend gewährt das Leben oftmals Gaben,

Wo jede Hoffnung scheint verlorn.

Der Glaube gibt Dir dann die Kraft,

Weil „fliegend” wirst Du neu geborn!

Gedicht Wilhelm Böhm

Wild Boar Illustration

Here is a last makingof i did of the last painting showing: value first – then colors

you can use any digital painting software that works with layers:
Adobe Photoshop
ArtRage (Artrage is similar to “Corel Paint” but less expensive)
Corel Paint
makingof wild boars illuatration
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“Robin Williams” Portrait Drawing, Polychromos on Black Paper (Teaser)

Today I draw Robin Williams on black paper with grey polychromos.
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I am a big fan of Robin Williams. He used to be my all time favorite actor for comedy.
This are my fav movies of him

Rest In Peace Robin

What are you favorite actors / actress`?


“Fractured Beauty” how I created the headpiece

Here I share you my progress how I created the headpiece of the “Fractured Beauty artwork

It took me a long time to figure out my vision of this headpiece that should be glamorious and light at the same time


Alice Band
foam rubber (normal and glitter)
Glitter cardboard
Hot glue gun
Sparkling stones’
fairy lights 

Everything started with an Alice Band I connected with wire and sticked on some foam rubber pieces

I created 7 diamond shaped paper gems and sticked it on with hot glue gun

and I sticked on 6 Diamonds of another shape

I also fixed lights behind the headpiece to enlighten it and put some more pieces of glittered rubber foam an silver glitter

the final look on my model with my creative makeup

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Thanks, Julie