Cats at night / Katzen bei Nacht – Illustration

Hier habe ich ein Makingof zu einem letzter Illustration kreiert habe. Eine meiner Lieblingsprogramme ist Artrage, darin kann man fast wie analog in Öl malen. Seht selbst in meinem Video: Here I show you a new illustration I created in ARTRAGE Software. I just love artrage as it is much more analog painting than in …

Wild Boar Illustration

Here is a last makingof i did of the last painting showing: value first – then colors   you can use any digital painting software that works with layers: Adobe Photoshop ArtRage (Artrage is similar to „Corel Paint“ but less expensive) Corel Paint   CHECK OUT MY PATREON to see all steps I took in my …

„Robin Williams“ Portrait Drawing, Polychromos on Black Paper (Teaser)

Today I draw Robin Williams on black paper with grey polychromos. You can check out my full video on my patreon (this video is public 4 free)  You are welcome to support my artistic journey and I will say „thank you“ sharing more of my artventures with you. Let’s get inspired! I am a big fan …

Video Timelapse Cat Face

New FACEPAINTING – she s a cat (underneath her skin)

I got some new colors: most of all red tones: so I decided to paint a red cat!

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base; water base makeup of SENJO COLOR – advertisement

For shading and smooth blending I used oil base makeup flash color – no payed advertisement, just my recommendation
– they are similar to MAKE UP FOR EVER – 12 Flash Color Case – but less expensiv

„Fractured Beauty“ how I created the headpiece

Here I share you my progress how I created the headpiece of the „Fractured Beauty„ artwork It took me a long time to figure out my vision of this headpiece that should be glamorious and light at the same time Material:  Alice Band foam rubber (normal and glitter) Glitter cardboard Hot glue gun Sparkling stones‘ …

Dragon Headpiece Tutorial

Next week I will paint for an exhibtion of dragons. So my model needs to get transformed into a wild dragon of the castle
So here is the making of of my headpiece: 1 1/2 days of creation

Used Material:

wire, aluminium foil, paper tape, foam rubber, cotton pads, hot glue gun, latex , plastic nails, acrylicy, gold pigments, varnish

-> You can see the full design of my bodypainting here