Winning 2nd Place at the “46e Congrès International d’esthétique & spa” 1rst French Facepainting Award 2016

Letztes Wochenende war ich in Paris zum “46e Congrès International d’esthétique & spa” und gewann den 2. Platz beim 1. French Facepainting Award 2016, organisiert von SLA Paris Cosmetics und WBA. Last weekend I was in Paris for the “46e Congrès International d’esthétique & spa” and I won the 2nd place in the 1rst French Facepainting …

Living Art Amercia / Video Clip Atlanta

Living Art America
Future Vision

Atlanta 2014
Video: Julie Boehm
Model: Elizabeth Anderson Ward
Bodypainting “Wodden Doll”: Julie Boehm assisted by Orly Faya Snir

Including artitst with their artworks & models
Hyun Yong Jin , Gesine Marwedel, Wolf Reicherter, Anna Barendregt,
Breanna Cooke, Alex Hansen,…

music: “Fascination” by Evan Gildersleeve, Lawrence King
video & cam: Julie Boehm

Champion at the Composing Award Swiss Bodypainting Art Festival 2013

The Swiss Bodypainting Art Festival took place in Lugano, November 2013. The World Bodypainting Association organized a photo contest in 2 categories Photo Classic and Digital Composing.

Here you see my submissions and the amazing final result! My works got the most points and I won the competition!

Click the link to get to all submissions of the photo award

Swiss Bodypainting Art Festival

Swiss Bodypainting Art Festival 2013, behind scenes – RENAISSANCE – SECOND DAY (Special Effects, Airbrush and Facepainting)

Eindrücke vom 2.Tag beim Swiss Bodypainting Art Festival 2013

Am zweiten Tag haben wir in der Kategorie Spezialeffekte gemalt.
Unser Model Philip Schlössinger trug einen Kopf mit vielen Spiegelstücken – Bei der Bodypainting ging es um die Reinkarnation in Fairytales.

The second day we painted in category Special Effects
Our model Philip Schlössinger wore a head with lots of mirror pieces – The body painting was about the reincarnation in Fairytales

Swiss Bodypainting Art Festival 2013 Brush /Sponge

In Lugano fand das Swiss Bodyart Festival statt. Thema war RENAISSANCE. Bodypainting-Team: Ramona Salatsch und Julie Boehm mit Modell: Philip Schlössinger
Hier bekommt ihr einen Eindruck zur Veranstaltung

The Swiss Bodyart Festival took place in Lugano. Theme was RENAISSANCE

Bodypainting-Team: Ramona Schlössinger and Julie Boehm with model: Philip Schlössinger