We all need “A HERO” making of

This is my firework for the new year of 2016!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogBDY96T9-0&w=560&h=315%5D

The project with model Yamil Ray I did for a concept pitch of RedBull TV at the Filmakademie Baden Wuerttemberg in December 2015. We shot that in my flat mini studio 🙂 I really like how the heatwave blast effect came out. Now I am learning new software programs …

Concerning my concept I wanted to travel the world teaching communication on another level in different insitutions: DANCE to communicate with our Hero
cause in dance there is no hirarchic structure , nothing to feel bad about! Let’s change the world like this!

This time I don’t know if it is true or how they made it but REDBULL said they love my idea but someone else already had a similar idea and they are now already producing it for RedBull TV – sometimes things happen like this & you can’t change it. Whatever, it just tells you “you are on the right way, keep your good ideas secret and get ready for the next level!”

model: Yamil bodypainting, photo: Julie Boehm
model: YamilConcerning my concept
bodypainting, photo: Julie Boehm


Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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