Tattoos for GUY (film)

Last year director Lorenz Piehl asked me to paint the tattoos of the Rockband , actors of his new short “GUY”. Now they published the trailer. It is all filmed on 16mm
pretty cool job! You can also join GUY Facebook Fanpage 

The film is now online here

GUY is a talented musician who dreams of great success. But to reach this goal and become a rock star, he has to make a big sacrifice. He must choose between his existence in the shadow of anonymity and an intense life in the rush of success, or find happiness in the small things with his young family.

GUY (Film)

Screenplay: Lorenz Piehl
Director: Lorenz Piehl
Picture design/camera: Dominik Moos
Sound design: Claudio Demel
Editing/Mounting: Moritz Poth
Production Designer: Alexander Timoschneko, Alexander Göbel
Producers: Maximilian Becht, Sebastian Johannsen
Speakers: Julius Robin Weigel, Frederik Bott

Cast*in: Laura Maria Hänsel, Felix Keltsch, Robin Hacker, Valentin Hebel, Errol Trotman-Harewood
Tattoos Band 

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Here is a gallery where you can see my work on the tattoos

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