Tanzende Wasserspeier Statue an der Ostsee

Eindrücke vom Live Painting am vergangenen Wochenende mit einem Design der Bodypainting Weltmeisterin Claudia Kraemer 😉 es war ein wundervoller Tag

Auf der Heimfahrt von Rostock entstand dieses Gedicht im Zug welches die Stimmung dieses surrealen Wesens widerspiegelt: Der tanzende Wasserspeicher am Strand der Ostsee:

Gargoyle sunset dance:

The gargoyle on the beach,
Dances towards the sun,
As it sets in the west,
Its day’s work done.

Its wings spread wide,
Its eyes closed tight,
It feels the warmth of the sun,
As it fades into night.

The waves crash on the shore,
The seagulls take flight,
The gargoyle dances on,
In the fading light.

Its feet pound the sand,
Its wings beat the air,
It dances towards the sun,
Without a single care.

The sun disappears below,
The horizon’s edge,
The gargoyle stops its dance,
And takes up its ledge.

It waits for another day,
To dance once more,
Towards the setting sun,
On the Baltic Sea shore.

Poem, Model: Julie Boehm
Bodypainting & Kostüm: Claudia Kraemer – Weltmeister Design 2018 Kategorie “Team”


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