Painting DaVincis MonaLisa

For a recent booking I had to paint DaVincis ‘Mona Lisa’ Quite a tough job as I had only a couple of days to make it. As DaVincis “Sfumato” style didn’t work out with normal acrylics I had to do it in oil. Only thing is – normal oil paintings need a couple of weeks …

Butterfly Handpainting

Here is a new quick makingof I did yesterday painting a butterfly in my palm. Enjoy the stopmotion part!
This was a painting propsed by Reinhard Ringwald -> when you also want me to paint something for you, write me a message or comment on this page 🙂
-> more “small bodypaintings” (link)


artwork by Julie Boehm
colours: Cameleon Bodypaint
music: The_Lights Galaxia “While She Sleeps Morning Edit”