Peacock Bodypainting for Fantasy Fashion Show 1. Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting International Festival


You can become part of the edition 2020

Here I share some photos of my Bodypainting Peacock Design for the Phantasy Fashion Show of Lora Tulchinski at the first day of the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting International Festival.

Because the success of an artists doesn’t come from the fame they gain, but from the lives they impact along the way, and that is that’s our goal, to impact lives.

Welcome to the first annual Equatorial Guinea International Bodypainting festival 2019!!!

Taking place in Africa you will experience authentic panoramas and culture, in the new Malabo amusement park.

The festival will feature the world’s top Bodypainting artists who will make Shows, Parades and Workshops.

So get ready for Body Art, Face Art, Make-up and lessons.

Participating artists:

Sanatan Dinda – India 🇮🇳️
Matteo Arfanotti – Italy 🇮🇹️
Miguel Angel – Colombia 🇨🇴️
Alex Hansen – Brazil 🇧🇷️
Birgit Mörtl – Austria 🇦🇹️
Virginia Vera – Uruguay 🇺🇾️
Yulia Vlas – Russia 🇷🇺️
Lora Tulchinski – Israel 🇮🇱️
Panchali Banerjee – India 🇮🇳️
Giusy Campolungo – Italy 🇮🇹️
Maike Karrer – Germany 🇩🇪️
Yasmina Jacinto – Spain 🇪🇸️
Julie Boehm – Germany 🇩🇪️
Dinger Karen – Germany 🇩🇪️
Bella Volen – Bulgaria 🇧🇬️
Nick Wolfe – United States 🇺🇲️
Nancy Lime – Mexico 🇲🇽
Erasmo Daaz – Spain 🇪🇸
Dutch Arron Bihary – United States 🇺🇲
CHris Princic – Austria 🇦🇹
Geneviève Jinny Houle – Canada 🇨🇦️
Carolina Cruz Alegría – Colombia 🇨🇴
Johana Guerrero – Colombia co
Olga Sokolova – Russia 🇷🇺️
Abigail Austria Wong – Great Britain 🇬🇧

Dmitri Moisseev – Canada 🇨🇦️
Que Jay Tee – Switzerland 🇨🇭️
Leon Sokoletski – Israel 🇮🇱️
Josh David Lim – Australia 🇦🇺
Justinas Milius Miliauskas Photography & Videography – Latvia 🇱🇻️

Pole art Dancer:
Anjelica Losk – Israel🇮🇱

You can become part of the edition 2020

Wittenberg Messe

Ein besonderes Highlight dieses Jahres war meine LiveBodypainting Performance für die Station29 auf der Wittenberg Messe. Dies ist eine Messe wo verschiedene Firmen aus der Stadt sich präsentieren. Ich kreierte einen “Living Act” – Lebendes IllusionsGemälde im 2d Pinselduktus von Van Gogh

1. Equatorial guinea Bodypainting Festival – video impressions

Some weeks ago I got invited to a very special Bodypainting Festival:
The 1. Equatorial guinea Bodypainting Festival

Video :

This video is a collection of all these beautiful moments shared with amazing people (bodypainters, photographers, artists, models, organizers, local people, a magician Frank Nicols and dancer Anjelica )

Big thanks to the organizers who made us come together for this wonderful time of inspiration and motivation for more: Ehud Cohen, Lora Tulchinski and Miguel Angel

Video impressions by Julie Boehm

Camouflage Bodypainting for the Image Film FLUIDUM by Studio Gieske


Makingof of the last booking of a Camouflage Bodypainting for the image film FLUIDUM for Sigrist Metallveredelung GmbH produced by Studio Gieske
Model: Joe K. CABANI Models
Bodypainting by Julie Boehm ART

music: Paper Navy “Svan Song”

2:17 min you will see the bodypainting in the final film FLUDIUM by Studio Gieske for Sigrist Metallveredelung GmbH
[vimeo 266061131 w=900 h=506]

english version
[vimeo 266067617 w=900 h=506]


Heart Puzzle – timelapse painting



‚Es ist unmöglich‘ sagte der Stolz
‚Es ist zu gefährlich ‚ sagte die Erfahrung
‚Es ist belanglos‘ sagte der Verstand
‚versuch es wenigstens‘ , sagte das Herz

✨Gestaltet eure Welt mit dem was euch am besten gefällt und die positive Energie wird auf euch zurückstrahlen ✨

Neues Auftragsgemälde ist fertig.

Der Kunde wollte eines meiner letzten Skizzen als Gemälde passend in den Farben zu einem bereits bestehenden anderem Kunstwerk in seiner Wohnung.
-> nehme gern Sonderwünsche an.

It’s impossible,” said pride. “It’s risky, ” said experience. “It’s pointless,”said reason. “Give it a try,” said the heart.

New commission painting ready :
The customer wanted one of my daily recent sketches as a painting in oil for his flat. Composed in the colours of another painting that is already there.
For special commissions