Northern Nature – Bodypainting Shooting Video and Photo Impressions

Here are some impressions of my last Bodypainting Shooting in the North of Germany. It was quite cold and we just had 3 hours painting outdoor on the beach. But with a perfect teamwork you can get these results I can show you here:

Bodypainting Colors: Cameleon
Great Model: Edyta 
Thanks to photographer: Frank Zörner
Bodypainting: Julie Boehm


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Timelapse Composing Feuerdrache

Hier ein neues Makingof der Bildbearbeitung eines letzten Bodypaintings mit der Feuertänzerin Miiga zum Schlosserlebnistag Neuenbürg 2018

Here is a new making of the speedart composing of a last bodypainting with the fire dancer Miiga to Schlosserlebnistag Neuenbürg 2018

model: Miiga
photographer: Michael Groll

Bodypainting and Digital Artist: Julie Boehm


– Hier gehts zum Event Beitrag


Tournee mit AcquaColonia Winter/Special Edition // Stuttgart

Die Tour mit AcquaColonia umfasste 6 Events. Hier ein paar Impressionen von Stuttgart.
Thema waren die Düfte der Winter Spezial Edition 2016 Pflaume – Honig und Apfel-Chilli .
Models: Laura & Florian
Agency: Grand Promotion
Farben: Cameleon Bodypaint

Here are some pictures from my last bodypainting job in Stuttgart- it is the new roadshow of Acquacolonia .
Special Winter Edition: Plum & Honey and  Apple & Chilli
Models: Laura & Florian
Agency: Grand Promotion
Colours: Cameleon Bodypaint

 Video I took with my mobilephone 😉 to get an impression of the event.