Realistic Skull FacePainting

Hello my friends. I hope your week started great! My plans for the next year are to show you more of my “work- in-progress” steps. Maybe you also want to start doing bodypainting, facepainting or photography and you want to get inspired by my art?  I will post sneak-peaks here on my blog. The full …

Dog Handpainting timelapse

Dog Handpainting from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.   Hier ein Painting was ich anlässlich der “Kreativen Hundechallenge” von Johanna Fritz gemalt habe. Manche Menschen haben einen Vogel (im Kopf) andere einen kleinen Hund (in der Hand) – So meine Interpretation zum Thema der #kreativenhundechallenge By Johanna Fritz ‚welcher Hund fällt dir zuerst ein’ – Viel …

Rabbit Body-Painting -timelapsevideo

Another timelapse I did yesterday painting a rabbit on my leg. Enjoy the process…
I love rabbits, that’s why this time a wanted to create this cute Muckl ->
when you also want me to paint something for you, write me a message or comment on this page 🙂
-> more “small bodypaintings” (link)

artwork by Julie Boehm
colours: Cameleon Bodypaint
music: “Swan Song” , Paper Navy