Rabbit Body-Painting -timelapsevideo

Another timelapse I did yesterday painting a rabbit on my leg. Enjoy the process…
I love rabbits, that’s why this time a wanted to create this cute Muckl ->
when you also want me to paint something for you, write me a message or comment on this page 🙂
-> more “small bodypaintings” (link)

artwork by Julie Boehm
colours: Cameleon Bodypaint
music: “Swan Song” , Paper Navy

MakingOf “Big Dreams” painting

Here is a short makingof of my last painting “Big Dreams” – there is also a poem by my father Wilhelm Boehm about it. Ein kurzes Makingof meines neusten Gemäldes “Big Dreams” – Wilhelm Böhm hat daszu das passende Gedicht geschrieben: Ein kleiner Hase sitzt am Weiher, Wo ihn sein Spiegelbild ganz groß erscheinen läßt. …

FARB(T)RÄUME – exhibtition

Here I invite you for my upcoming exposition “FARB(T)RÄUME”  14th March until 15th June 2016  Kunstgalerie Klinikum Ludwigsburg Posilipostraße 4, 71640 Ludwigsburg In the exposition you will see more than 20 of my paintings (oil & mixed media on canvas) In ihrer neuesten Ausstellung FARB(T)RÄUME entführt Julie Boehm den interessierten Betrachter in eine Farbwelt traumhafter …