Best Student Film at “White Rocks Film Festival”

Ein neuer Filmpreis für meinen Diplomfilm “Paris you got me” – er wurde beim “White Rocks Film Festival” als “Bester Studentenfilm” gewählt.

Here is a new award for our film:

Best Student Film at “White Rocks Film Festival”

White Rocks Film Festival is the independent film festival based in the heart of USA. We work hard to serve our filmmakers!

White Rocks Film Festival will be hosted exclusively online, celebrating new web series, films and music videos from independent creators and creating a platform for their work to be discovered, discussed and promoted.

The festival was created to develop and support directors, screenwriters. We strive to contribute to the development of the film industry. The basis of our philosophy is a passion for cinema and discoveries.

The festival was created as a non-profit organization with private funds. Despite this, the festival is ready to cooperate with partners and sponsors. We work hard every day to provide the best service and to make our filmmakers happy.



China – Fotoimpressionen

Hier ein paar Fotos zu meiner Reise nach China wo mein Diplomfilm “Paris you got me”  den Preis für den “Besten VFX KurzFilm” Kingbonn Awards “ erhielt
Impressionen der Preisverleihung und der Eröffnungszeremonie

Showpainting Johannesburg South Africa at the BokehFFF18

Model: Logan

Documentation by Einat Dan
She created the other 2 Artworks with Eva Toth

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Einat Dan Official (@einatdanofficial) am


Flying from Capetown to Johannesburg

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Interview at the “Paris Art and Movie Awards” 2018 – “best director” & “best dance film”

At our World Premiere in Paris – Sunday Red Carpet PAMA 2018
Director Julie Boehm saying some words about Paris, you got me

We won Best Dance Film and Best Director of 2018
Thanx to Paris Art and Movie Awards for this unforgetable festival

> more photos & videos of “Paris you got me” – Team at the “Paris Art and Movie Awards 2018”

Winning “Best Director” and “Best Dance” at the “Paris Art and Movie Awards” Premiere of PARIS YOU GOT ME

Literally ‚Paris – you got me‘ – so overwhelmed of the last days:

Winning “Best Director” and “Best Dance” at the “Paris Art and Movie Awards” Premiere of PARIS YOU GOT ME

– I got the chance to have a short smalltalk with Sharon Stone – she is sooooo amazing & inspiring personality

– The screening of the dancefilms was on monday 25th of june: our premiere
the only day our dancers Liam Michael Scullion and Parkhatskaya Ksenia could make it – perfect timing!

– my soulmate Marc Zimmermann also could make it to Paris 

– our producer Ann-Katrin Boberg got 2 days off at her studio to be able to attend the festival

– Bertrand Orsal a very good friend & photographer from Paris also could make it and shot so amazing photos for us

– we won in 2 categories: ‚best dancefilm‘ & ‚best director‘

– we met so many other inspirational artists pushing my motivation higher– already working on a new filmproject 

so famous artists there were nominated as you can see here:

we were nominated for 4 categories:
“best production” by Ann-Katrin Boberg & Aleksandra Todorovic
“best student film” Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
‚best dance film‘ Ksenia Parkhatskaya & Liam Scullion
‚best director‘  Julie Boehm

Feeling so happy & grateful
Thanks to all who made it happen, the judges, the festival organisation, everybody who attended the event- and my rocking team- keep the fire burning!

PARIS YOU GOT ME – news blog

Winners at the “PARIS ART AND MOVIE AWARDS 2018”

First Day in Paris:
PARIS YOU GOT ME TEAM getting prepared for the networking round at the PAMA

PARIS YOU GOT ME – team at the Grand Rex in Paris- Screening of the “International Competition”

Q&R Dancefilm Screening at the “Cafe de Paris”