Northern Nature – Bodypainting Shooting Video and Photo Impressions

Here are some impressions of my last Bodypainting Shooting in the North of Germany. It was quite cold and we just had 3 hours painting outdoor on the beach. But with a perfect teamwork you can get these results I can show you here:

Bodypainting Colors: Cameleon
Great Model: Edyta 
Thanks to photographer: Frank Zörner
Bodypainting: Julie Boehm


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Photography Wild Andalusia

Letzte Woche war ich auf Shootingtrip in Andalusien mit einer Fotografentruppe. Auf meine Modelblog seht ihr meine Fotos die ich vor der Kamera gemacht hab.

Hier ein paar Fotos die ich selbst gemacht hab.

Last week I was on a shooting trip in Andalusia with a photography team. On my model blog you can see my photos that I have done in front of the camera.

Here are a few pictures I made myself.

Eine Woche auf Rügen / Ruegen Photoserie

Hiking Paradise Ramsau // Wanderparadies Ramsau

Die letzten Tage habe ich meine Eltern in Oberbayern besucht. Obwohl es viel regnete waren die täglichen Bergtouren / Laufrouten wunderschön. Hier ein paar fotografische Impressionen die ich mit meiner Kamera aufnahm.

The last days I visited my parents in deep Bavaria. Although most of the time the weather was rainy the daily hiking tours were very beautiful. Here are some impressions I took with my photo camera. Enjoy!

BlackForest Bodypainting Festival 2015

This was a new competition where the visitors of the festival had to vote for their favourite bodypainting artwork. Not too bad as nobody knows you there yet and getting on the 3rd place. Theme was “Nature” and our bodypainting was called “Skin of Nature”
So were our cool team:
Model: Maria Model
Bodypainting Assistant: Marc Zimmermann
Photographers: Sagaphoto and Heiko Hermann
first photo in the row 
makingof cover by Philippe Thines , Badische Zeitung
Bodypainter and Photographer: Julie Boehm

the event was organized by the “Hochschwarzwald Tourismus GmbH”