Bodypainting für Bleistifte bei Reidinger

Hier gibt es eine neue Publikation mit meiner Arbeit.
Reidinger ist Ihr Spezialist für Werbe-Bleistifte. Direkt online konfigurieren und bestellen. Bleistifte, Zimmermannsstifte, Buntstifte und Zollstöcke als Werbeartikel. Persönliche Beratung. Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung
Somit ein ganz einzigartiges Bodypainting der Bleistifte als Geschenk für Ihre Kunden!

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Model: Ramona Salatsch
Bodypainting Assistent: Marc Zimmermann, Fotograf: Wolfgang Müller
Bodypainting und Digitale Bearbeitung: Julie Boehm

Here is a new publication with my work.
Reidinger is your specialist for promotional pencils. Configure and order directly online. Pencils, carpenter’s pencils, crayons and rulers as promotional items. Personal advice. Over 30 years experience
Thus, a very unique bodypainting of pencils as a gift for your customers!

Bodypainting Promotion at the FMX for “Longing for Wilderness” by

Last week there was the FMX – I painted for the VR Project of Marc Zimmermann “Longing for Wilderness” the beautiful dancer Ramona. She became a magical creature from the forest longing for the wilderness. Photographer Wolfgang Müller from Heilbronn took some amazing photos of her! Thanx to the great team and the possibility to show our world at the FMX – *dreamteam

“Longing for Wilderness” was the kickoff project for a new initiative at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg: the so called “VR NOW” 

to get a better idea you can watch the making-of by Marc Zimmermann:

GET THE MAGICAL VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE – so take out your mobile phone, plug in your earphones and follow Marc into the Wilderness!

MAGIC meets WILDERNESS. Graphics from VR experience ’Longing for Wilderness’ by EpicScapes – Artwork by Marc Zimmermann and mashup of a bodypainting creation by Julie Boehm
Thanks to Marc Zimmermann and Ramona Elisa (model) and Wolfgang Müller WOM Photografie (photographer) for the great time at FMX!

VFX Production Making Of by Artist: Marc Zimmermann: