Dreamdancer Alina – Performance – Vernissage 5.Internationale Kunstausstellung Burg Kalteneck Okt 2015

Video of the performance. "Dreamdancer" - 5. Internationale Kunstausstellung Burg Kalteneck, Holzgerlingen Mentor Werner Hampf Dancer: Alina Ruppel Bodypainting, Background Painting, Concept, Video: Julie Boehm music: "The Haunted Girl" by Philip Sheppard photogallery: Sagaphoto

Invitation exhibition ‚5. Internationale Kunstausstellung, Burg Kalteneck 2015‘

16.oct 2015 there will be the vernissage of my next exhibtion '5.Internationale Kunstausstellung, Burg Kalteneck' . There will be four international visual artists presenting their works. It is already booked out. Contorsionist Alina Ruppel will dance out of a painted installation. On Saturday 17. oct I will paint model Maria live into one of my canvas …