JAB Camouflage – makingof

[vimeo 120256782 w=900 h=675]

JAB Camouflage – makingof from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.

Making of Filming Day
JAB Camouflage
Hotel Waldlust Freudenstadt
Mia: Charlotte Lorenzen
Dark Fairy: Julie Boehm

Concept/Idea/ Makingof Video: Julie Boehm
Producer: Felix Fahle
Makingof Camera: Sagaphoto
Director: Cornelius Schick
Assistant Director: Katja Ginnow
Music for Makingof Video: “Days of Wonder”
Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins

Art Director: Maike Kiefer
Choreography: Katja Trautwein
Set Photographer: Sagaphoto
Bodypainter: Birgit Mörtl
Bodypainting Assistant: Astrid Schäfer
Colours: Cameleon
Makeup-Artist: Hanna Pfeiffer

DoP: Jan David Guenther
Camera assistant: Rafael Starman
Camera coach: Jonas Schneider
Gaffer: Andreas Burz
Best Boy: Gert Witulski
Grip: Sascha Ronge
Shot-Design: Maciej Rolbiecki

VFX Makingof of the genious work of Marc Zimmermann for the film!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtA67HaWwLA%5D


Electricians: Emmanuel Kohn & Jean Pierre Weingart
Elicitrician Trainee: Niklas Witsche
Script: Sinje Köhler
Child care: Marisa Meier
DIT: Raphael Ghobadloo
Camera Trainee: Sebastian Bässler
Catering: Max Becht
Production Manager External Funds: Yves Lambert

Production Drivers:
Hannes Höhn
Philipp Monjoie
Christian Cramer-Clausbruch
Daniela Celant
Tobias Hollmann

Postproduction final JAB Commercial: youtube.com/watch?v=ATBBC2I7tSQ
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Sound Design: Tobias Scherer
Music: Marius Kirsten
VFX Artist: Marc Zimmermann / VFX Breakdown: youtube.com/watch?v=WtA67HaWwLA

Produced for JAB Anstoetz

© 2015 Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Commercial for JAB Anstoetz

In 2014 my idea “Camouflage” won the JAB Challenge at the Filmacademy: Production of a new commercial for JAB Anstoetz fabrics.
So here is it, enjoy watching the story of the girl Mia in an old house at night,  discovering a magic fabric getting alive….

The original story included much more camouflage paintings – game of hide and seek between the little girl and the dancing fairy. At the end Mia catching the fairy and falling down on a huge bed, the fairy transforming into a fabric foldering. Unfortunately we could only shoot 1/4 of my story as the customer had not set the budget before. Quite hard when you want to tell this magic story- but maybe one day I want to complete my film making a new one with this idea of camouflage fairy.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATBBC2I7tSQ?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=853&h=480%5D

Here are some makingofs photos shot by  Sagaphoto  during the casting day in november 2014. For the corridor I did 6  Fine Art Paintings of an Ancestral Portrait Gallery – The film crew and Ralf Anstoetz were my models 

[vimeo 120256782 w=900 h=675]

JAB Camouflage – makingof from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.

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Producer: Felix Fahle
Concept/ Winner of the JAB Challenge: Julie Böhm
Director: Cornelius Schick
DoP: Jan David Günther
Gaffer: Andreas Burz
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Choreography: Katja Trautwein
Set Photographer: Sagaphoto
Sound Design: Tobias Scherer
Music: Marius Kirsten
VFX Artist: Marc Zimmermann

Bodypainting: Birgit Moertl
Bodypainting Colours: Cameleon

Mia (little girl): Charlotte Lorenzen
Dark Fairy: Julie Boehm

Produced for JAB Anstoetz

© 2015 Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Winner of the JAB Challenge

    This is the official publication of winning the JAB Challenge –  means: official GO for my film project CAMOUFLAGE  production June-August 2014 It will be a great cooperation with Milchstrasse : director Nico Kreis and producer Philip Töpfer  Initiator: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg // Yves Lambert

JAB Anstoetz Challenge

JAB Anstoetz Challenge

Trailer Version CAMOUFLAGE – 1 min from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.

The Concept: CAMOUFLAGE – (Nomination #1) here

concept here

It is the story about the “Fairy Tale of The Matchseller”, dancing furnitures – advertisement for beautiful, warm fabrics for home living!

The winner of the challenge will be the producer of JAB Anstötz’s new Campaign for TV & cinema! 

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