Hiking Paradise Ramsau // Wanderparadies Ramsau

Die letzten Tage habe ich meine Eltern in Oberbayern besucht. Obwohl es viel regnete waren die täglichen Bergtouren / Laufrouten wunderschön. Hier ein paar fotografische Impressionen die ich mit meiner Kamera aufnahm. The last days I visited my parents in deep Bavaria. Although most of the time the weather was rainy the daily hiking tours were very beautiful. …

Locationscounting Saxon Switzerland Nationalpark

Last weekend we did a locationscounting tour through the Saxon Switzerland Nationalpark – preparations for the next film project with Epicscapes

It was quite a tough tour to walk but good training rewarded by the amazing view Beauty of Nature . The shooting will be in August… So be prepared for more magical  projects combining real shooting with fine art and animation