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This is my firework for the new year of 2016! The project with model Yamil Ray I did for a concept pitch of RedBull TV at the Filmakademie Baden Wuerttemberg in December 2015. We shot that in my flat mini studio 🙂 I really like how the heatwave blast effect came out. Now I am …

Rued1971 (Teaser)

This is a teaser of “Rued1971” , last short at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

It is an Interview with the scientist Ruediger Beckerle: He is claiming to have invented an effective time machine to bring back his formerly late wife

Rued1971 // Teaser (english version) from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.

The Story:
The camera team of a local transmission station is paying a visit to the 75 years old Ruediger Beckerle to get an interview in his workshop.
Many years ago that man had begun to develop a time machine after his wife Mathilda’s death.
He wants to fetch back his sweetheart.
But since then totally different personalities appeared from the machine such as Napoleon, Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. They couldn’t help him.
Ruediger demonstrates the capabilities of his machine. This time Salvador Dali leaves the miracle exit. He hands a biscuit to Ruediger …

Thanx to the great team:

Cast: Peter Barth, Simone Pivetta

Script, Director, SetDesign: Julie Böhm
Director of Photography: Friedemann Leis
Sounddesign: Tobias Scherer
Sound: Driton Sadiku, Samuel Gall
Photographer (Set): Samuel Gall, Sagaphoto
Producer: Julie Böhm
Gaffer: Jan Wittkopp
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

also big thanx to Isolde Asal for the great organisation and Prof Jochen Kuhn for inspiration!

Ancestral Portrait Gallery

Ancestral Portrait Gallery from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.

This is a new series of six paintings , 100 x 70 cm , acrylics on canvas I painted in November 2014

Photos by Sagaphoto

Showing the crew (producer, cameraman, production manager, costumer, director, editor) as an classic ancestral portrait paintings for an upcoming film. This is the making of the painting process. I filmed with different cams (ipad, normal and photo) – mix of everything, hope you enjoy it! 😉

Pitch Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Live presentation of my Pitch at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, 16.05.2014 https://vimeo.com/95711690 In this pitch I showed my technique of the “Camouflage” Project for a new film project in summer 2014. I lighted a match to to wake up the model painted as the texture of fabric in the furniture (paravan) This beautiful fabric with pattern roses I got at WAGNER – a great store for cloth, drapery,… in Ludwigsburg!

Photographer: Lynn Ge Camera Filming Screen: Christine Lüdge Bodypainting colors: Cameleon Bodypaint

The Moth – Butterfly of the Night – Fashion Cooperation with Jay’s Delight

Here are some pictures of the last Berlin Bodypainting/Fashion Shooting 28.03.2014


I painted a beautiful moth inspired by fashion design – When you look closer , you will discover some new materials: to get the texture of fabric I experimented with liquid latex, napkins and more.

cooperation with Jay’s Delight Berlin – Judith Kinsky


Model: Ramona Schlössinger
Headfashion: Jay’s Delight Berlin
Photographer: Matthias Lippstreu
Bodypainting / Composing/ Retouch: Julie Boehm


Alien Bodypainting with Dema Silverwings for ArtFashion Studio in Ottawa

Dies war ein Bodypainting-Shooting mit dem exotischen Modell Raliat in Ottawa für Art Fashion Studio.
Dema Silverwings übernahm das Modekonzept und das Bodypainting undBildbearbeitung . Gefällt euch unser Video Makingof?

This was a last bodypainting shooting with the exotic model Raliat in Ottawa for Art Fashion Studio .Dema Silverwings did the fashion concept and bodypainting. I was copainter and did the digital postproduction and compositing. Maguerite Estelle Comeau did the space makeup and Dmitri Moisseev was photographer. I also made a video- so check it out!

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