„BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY“ at Bokeh Fashion Film Festival for „Paris you got me“

Just coming back from a very cool Filmfestival: Bokeh Fashion Film Festival in South Africa BOKEHFFF18
I presented my diploma film „Paris you got me“ – We won „BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY“


All started with the directors panel in the AFDAthe south african school of motion picture and performance
I talked about our production , showing the makingof and presented the film

This was the day of the award ceremony in Capetown: a huge event including a creative program, of talks about fashion, filmmaking, art exhibitions, fashionshows and great  food and drinks!

The theme of the venue was „Tim Burton“ – so they had really stylish deco and on the catwalk the models were walking in gras.

– Check out all WINNERS at their Website 

For more information go to www.bokehfestival.co.za

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Film-Shooting „Paris, you got me“ Impressionen

Hier einen Einblick in den DiplomDreh an der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg „Paris, you got me“ -> mehr Fotos

Here you get an insight of my diploma film shooting „Paris, you got me“ at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

<3-lichen Dank an das tolle Team:
Cast: Ksenia Parkatskaya & Liam Scullion
Director: Julie Boehm
DoP: Dominik Moos 
Producer: Ann-Katrin Boberg & Aleksandra Todorovic
Szenenbildner: Marian Korenika mit Team Almut, Timon
On Set Coach: Hanna Weissenborn
VFX Artist: Marc Zimmermann
On Set VFX Assistent: Vincent Waltan
Kostüm: Martha Binder & Carolin Sasse
Editor: Tobias Wilhelmer und Schnittassistentin Kira König
Maske: Elli Harms
AEP: Toufik Abdedaim
Künstler: Enrico Lein Transformaker, Ulrich Allgaier Ullision
Fotografen: Samuel Gall Sagaphoto, Chris Knickerbocker, Bernd Hentschel, Thilan Stiller
produziert an der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg