„Festival of Nations“ Impressionen

Hier meine Impressionen zur Woche beim „Festival of Nations“ in Österreich bei dem ich meinen Film „Paris you got me“ vorstellte und den Festivalpreis „LENZ“ bekam.
Das im Video angegebene Makingof findet ihr hier 



Impressionen zum Attersee selbst:

Festivalwoche mit 109 „Official Selections“ aus der ganzen Welt:

Der LENZ Festival Preis

Meine Eltern waren auch dabei 😉 Hier mein Papa Wilhelm Böhm beim Mittagessen





Des Filmfestival im Netz
Website „Festival of Nations“
Facebook „Festival of Nations“

mehr zu „PARIS YOU GOT ME“

Bokeh South Africa Fashion Film Festival presenting my spec spot „BLACK WIDOW“

Ich fand einige Fotos von meiner Reise nach Südafrika mit der Tänzerin Alina Ruppel im Jahr 2016, die meinen 2. Jahrgang Film in der Filmakademie BLACK WIDOW präsentierte – gute Erinnerungen.
Sie hatte auch eine Show bei der Preisverleihung des Festivals während der Vorführung des Films.

I found some photos of my trip to South Africa with dancer Alina Ruppel in 2016 presenting my 2nd year film at the filmakademie BLACK WIDOW – good memories.
She also had a show at the before the award ceremony of the festival while showing the film.

This was the evening

and here you can watch the full film online

BLACK WIDOW from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.

after the gala we also had a free day to discover Capetown’s magic

BOKEH FFF – Website 

Chicago Feminist Film Festival – beautiful City

Chicago is a great city! Here are some snapshots of my visit in march 2019 at the Chicago Feminist Film Festival. It was minus 20 degrees and I also visited the 360 degree building where we took some funshots

and also at the bean 🙂 I highly recommend this creative city!

and from downtown

WINNER „Best Film Dance“ at „JISFF Joinville International Short Film Festival“

My diploma film „Paris you got me“ just won „Best Film Dance“ Category at the JISFF – Joinville International Short Film Festival , Santa Catarina, Brazil

our film was sceened in the dance section 3 29th of august 2018
their program here: https://www.jisffestival.com/programacao

About the festival: 
The Joinville International Short Film Festival is a film festival meant to showcase innovative independent cinema from around the world by up-and-coming artists.
The festival hopes to be the voice and representation for films with a unique voice and message, regardless of how low the budget might be.

Aiming to inspire, motivate and award new talent.

All Winners 

Winning „Best Director“ and „Best Dance“ at the „Paris Art and Movie Awards“ Premiere of PARIS YOU GOT ME

Literally ‚Paris – you got me‘ – so overwhelmed of the last days:

Winning „Best Director“ and „Best Dance“ at the „Paris Art and Movie Awards“ Premiere of PARIS YOU GOT ME

– I got the chance to have a short smalltalk with Sharon Stone – she is sooooo amazing & inspiring personality

– The screening of the dancefilms was on monday 25th of june: our premiere
the only day our dancers Liam Michael Scullion and Parkhatskaya Ksenia could make it – perfect timing!

– my soulmate Marc Zimmermann also could make it to Paris 

– our producer Ann-Katrin Boberg got 2 days off at her studio to be able to attend the festival

– Bertrand Orsal a very good friend & photographer from Paris also could make it and shot so amazing photos for us

– we won in 2 categories: ‚best dancefilm‘ & ‚best director‘

– we met so many other inspirational artists pushing my motivation higher– already working on a new filmproject 

so famous artists there were nominated as you can see here:

we were nominated for 4 categories:
„best production“ by Ann-Katrin Boberg & Aleksandra Todorovic
„best student film“ Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
‚best dance film‘ Ksenia Parkhatskaya & Liam Scullion
‚best director‘  Julie Boehm

Feeling so happy & grateful
Thanks to all who made it happen, the judges, the festival organisation, everybody who attended the event- and my rocking team- keep the fire burning!

PARIS YOU GOT ME – news blog

Winners at the „PARIS ART AND MOVIE AWARDS 2018“

First Day in Paris:
PARIS YOU GOT ME TEAM getting prepared for the networking round at the PAMA

PARIS YOU GOT ME – team at the Grand Rex in Paris- Screening of the „International Competition“

Q&R Dancefilm Screening at the „Cafe de Paris“