Snake Jewels , makingof video : Bodypainting meets Contortion

Sneak peak makingof video of the last Bodypainting shooting with dancer Eliza , Alina Ruppel More photos coming soon... Bodypainting by JulieBoehm Art  assisted by Marc Zimmermann, Sfx latex pieces by transformaker Bodypainting Colours Cameleon Bodypaint Publikation auf

Living Art Amercia / Video Clip Atlanta

Living Art America Atlanta Future Vision Atlanta 2014 Video: Julie Boehm Model: Elizabeth Anderson Ward Bodypainting "Wodden Doll": Julie Boehm assisted by Orly Faya Snir Including artitst with their artworks & models Hyun Yong Jin , Gesine Marwedel, Wolf Reicherter, Anna Barendregt, Breanna Cooke, Alex Hansen,... music: "Fascination" by Evan Gildersleeve, Lawrence King video & …