Makingof Illusionsgemälde für Filmdreh „Paris, you got me“

Nächste Woche ist unser Filmdreh meine Diplomfilms an der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg „Paris, you got me“- die Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren. Für die erste Szene wird es ein Illusionsgemälde des Straßenkünstlers George geben.
Ich habe Enrico Lein in Berlin besucht um das riesige Gemälde in seinem Atelier zu kreirieren
2 Tage durchpowern & die gigantische 8×6 qm Fläche brushen im Xylol Rausch 😀
Vielen lieben Dank an Enrico für die tolle Arbeit und Atelier Allgaier an die Unterstützung- nächste Woche wird Ulrich Allgaier bei unserem coolen Außenset das Gemälde auf der Straße für den Dreh in vollkommener Illusion präparieren! Wir freuen uns drauf!

#streetart #anamorphillusion #parisyougotme

Here is a makingof of our cool painting work progress in Berlin. 2 days full power with Enrico Lein Transformaker! Many thanks to Enrico for the amazing work and Atelier Allgaier for the organisation. Next week Ulrich Allgaier will prepare the painting for our cool outdoor filmset. We are looking forward for the big day!


Crowdfunding Campaign FILM „Paris, you got me“ (AT)

Crowdfunding Campaign „Paris, you got me!“ from Julie Boehm on Vimeo.

Dear my creative community- this year, I have to cut down my expenses & time and save & work for my new „Fav-Project“ : „Paris, you got me“ (AT)

We started our crowdfunding campaign only with your support we can make it as great as it is planned!

Please support us and share it!
Thank you very much!

„Art may change the inner as well as the external world“ That’s how our protagonist Ksenia gets to know it. The street-artist George lures her into his magic world of art illusions. Together they dance through the artistic ages and experience closely what self-realisation really means. Our film should motivate the audience to believe in the realization of their visions! Come, see and take part in a cultural, aesthetic, marvellous trip through the art history of Paris.

I wish you a wonderful weekend- go out and enjoy the fresh sunny weather of spring

BLACK WIDOW film now online

After hauting on many international film festivals my 2nd year film at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg BLACK WIDOW is finally online!

Enjoy watching it!

Black Widow (2015) from Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg on Vimeo.

starring dancer ALINA RUPPEL (Eliza) & ERIC FIGULA

Director, Story, Editor: Julie Boehm
Producer: Aleksandra Todorovic and Nina Schwarz
VFX: Marc Zimmermann
DoP: Dominik Moos
Camera assistant: Leo Eßbach
Camera coach: Jonas Schneider
Gaffer: Max Christmann
Mirco Jüngling, Dennis Czaja
Technical Assistant: Tim Weskamp
DIT: Friedemann Leis
Art Director: Maike Kiefer
Assitants: Antonie Kiefer, Ayca Arabaci, Miriam Behrens
Fashion Design, Mask, Makeup, Styling: Birgit Mörtl
BW-Film supernumerary Katja Trautwein, Marisa Meier , Emilia Reich
Set Photographers: Gerhard Busch , Michael Vogel


Barock Bodypainting Shooting in Ludwigsburg

This is a Serie of a last Bodypainting Shooting I did with the canadian photographer Dmitri Moisseev in Ludwigsburg. 

The model/ dancer Papier yrella loves Barock Style … So I created a delicate costume out of golden paper mixed with a realistic painting of carved wood.  

Das ist eine Serie eines letzten Bodypainting Shootings mit dem kanadischen Fotografen Dimitri Moisseev in Ludwigsburg. Das Model/Tänzerin liebt den Prunk des Barocks . So kreierte ich ein Kostüm mit goldenem Papier und realistische Malerei von geschnitzten Holz.

Dance-Shooting with Julie Boehm

Bodypainting Promotion at the FMX for „Longing for Wilderness“ by

Last week there was the FMX – I painted for the VR Project of Marc Zimmermann „Longing for Wilderness“ the beautiful dancer Ramona. She became a magical creature from the forest longing for the wilderness. Photographer Wolfgang Müller from Heilbronn took some amazing photos of her! Thanx to the great team and the possibility to show our world at the FMX – *dreamteam

„Longing for Wilderness“ was the kickoff project for a new initiative at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg: the so called „VR NOW“ 

to get a better idea you can watch the making-of by Marc Zimmermann:

GET THE MAGICAL VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE – so take out your mobile phone, plug in your earphones and follow Marc into the Wilderness!

MAGIC meets WILDERNESS. Graphics from VR experience ’Longing for Wilderness’ by EpicScapes – Artwork by Marc Zimmermann and mashup of a bodypainting creation by Julie Boehm
Thanks to Marc Zimmermann and Ramona Elisa (model) and Wolfgang Müller WOM Photografie (photographer) for the great time at FMX!

VFX Production Making Of by Artist: Marc Zimmermann:

Dreamdancer Alina – Performance – Vernissage 5.Internationale Kunstausstellung Burg Kalteneck Okt 2015

Video of the performance. „Dreamdancer“ – 5. Internationale Kunstausstellung Burg Kalteneck, Holzgerlingen

Mentor Werner Hampf

Dancer: Alina Ruppel
Bodypainting, Background Painting, Concept, Video: Julie Boehm
music: „The Haunted Girl“ by Philip Sheppard

photogallery: Sagaphoto

Bodypainting-Shooting with contorsionist Alina

Here are the first photos of a creative bodypainting shooting with constorsionist Alina Ruppel. She will be also my model for the next vernissage performance 16th of october ‘INTERNATIONALE KUNSTAUSSTELLUNG’, Wasserburg Kalteneck 

Hier sehen Sie ein paar Bilder welche aus dem Shooting mit der Schlangenfrau Alina Ruppel entstanden. Sie wird auch mein Model bei der Vernissage am 16. Oktober 2015 – ‚Barfuss… Bis zum Kopf‘

model: Alina Ruppel
photographer: Sagaphoto
bodypainter / compositor: Julie Boehm