Dragonfire ComposingArt and Bodypainting

This is a last project with the contorsionist Ruslana.

We shot the pictures in my homestudio. Photographed by Steffen Guenthel.

Bodypainting and Digital Composing Art by Julie Boehm

and here are some makingof of the shooting 😉

BodypaintingAdventures 2018

Dreamdancer Alina – Performance – Vernissage 5.Internationale Kunstausstellung Burg Kalteneck Okt 2015

Video of the performance. „Dreamdancer“ – 5. Internationale Kunstausstellung Burg Kalteneck, Holzgerlingen

Mentor Werner Hampf

Dancer: Alina Ruppel
Bodypainting, Background Painting, Concept, Video: Julie Boehm
music: „The Haunted Girl“ by Philip Sheppard

photogallery: Sagaphoto