Peacock Bodypainting for Fantasy Fashion Show 1. Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting International Festival

You can become part of the edition 2020

Here I share some photos of my Bodypainting Peacock Design for the Phantasy Fashion Show of Lora Tulchinski at the first day of the Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting International Festival.

Because the success of an artists doesn’t come from the fame they gain, but from the lives they impact along the way, and that is that’s our goal, to impact lives.

Welcome to the first annual Equatorial Guinea International Bodypainting festival 2019!!!

Taking place in Africa you will experience authentic panoramas and culture, in the new Malabo amusement park.

The festival will feature the world’s top Bodypainting artists who will make Shows, Parades and Workshops.

So get ready for Body Art, Face Art, Make-up and lessons.

Participating artists:

Sanatan Dinda – India 🇮🇳️
Matteo Arfanotti – Italy 🇮🇹️
Miguel Angel – Colombia 🇨🇴️
Alex Hansen – Brazil 🇧🇷️
Birgit Mörtl – Austria 🇦🇹️
Virginia Vera – Uruguay 🇺🇾️
Yulia Vlas – Russia 🇷🇺️
Lora Tulchinski – Israel 🇮🇱️
Panchali Banerjee – India 🇮🇳️
Giusy Campolungo – Italy 🇮🇹️
Maike Karrer – Germany 🇩🇪️
Yasmina Jacinto – Spain 🇪🇸️
Julie Boehm – Germany 🇩🇪️
Dinger Karen – Germany 🇩🇪️
Bella Volen – Bulgaria 🇧🇬️
Nick Wolfe – United States 🇺🇲️
Nancy Lime – Mexico 🇲🇽
Erasmo Daaz – Spain 🇪🇸
Dutch Arron Bihary – United States 🇺🇲
CHris Princic – Austria 🇦🇹
Geneviève Jinny Houle – Canada 🇨🇦️
Carolina Cruz Alegría – Colombia 🇨🇴
Johana Guerrero – Colombia co
Olga Sokolova – Russia 🇷🇺️
Abigail Austria Wong – Great Britain 🇬🇧

Dmitri Moisseev – Canada 🇨🇦️
Que Jay Tee – Switzerland 🇨🇭️
Leon Sokoletski – Israel 🇮🇱️
Josh David Lim – Australia 🇦🇺
Justinas Milius Miliauskas Photography & Videography – Latvia 🇱🇻️

Pole art Dancer:
Anjelica Losk – Israel🇮🇱

You can become part of the edition 2020

1. Equatorial guinea Bodypainting Festival – video impressions

Some weeks ago I got invited to a very special Bodypainting Festival:
The 1. Equatorial guinea Bodypainting Festival

This video is a collection of all these beautiful moments shared with amazing people (bodypainters, photographers, artists, models, organizers, local people, a magician Frank Nicols and dancer Anjelica )

Big thanks to the organizers who made us come together for this wonderful time of inspiration and motivation for more: Ehud Cohen, Lora Tulchinski and Miguel Angel

Video impressions by Julie Boehm
music: Nobara Hayakawa ”Trail“

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2. Platz und Veranstalterpreis Schwarzwald Bodypaintingfestival 2018

“Wir haben die Erde nicht von unseren Ahnen geerbet
– wir haben sie von unseren Kindern geliehen”

Am Wochenende gewann ich den 2. Platz und Veranstalterpreis beim Schwarzwald Bodypaintingfestival 2018 – Hierzu ein paar Impressionen

Model: Magda Slota // Artist & Photo: Julie Boehm // Ass.: Melissa Brunner // Colors: Cameleon Bodypaint
Thema: “Wald & Nachhaltigkeit”

Meine Interpretation: “Mehr Wald für unsere Kinder” auf zwei Arten:

1) den Wald zu schützen, damit die kommenden Generationen ihn in seiner Vielfalt noch erleben können wie wir ihn kennen. Wir haben nur diesen Planeten.
2) Nachhaltige Prägung des Bewusstseins unserer Kinder, dass der Wald ein Pol der Kraft und Erholung ist – wo man zu seinen Wurzeln der friedlichen Harmonie zurückkehren kann – fernab des stressigen , städitischen Alltags.

First impressions of yesterday’s competition
where we won 2nd place and the organizers price
topic was about “forest & sustainability”

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children”

My interpretation: ‘More forest for our children’ in two ways:
1) to protect the forest so the forthcoming generations can experience it . We just have this planet to live.
2) Sustainable shaping of the consciousness of our children that the forest is a pole of strength and recreation – where you can get back to your roots of peaceful harmony – far from your stressful urban daily life.