‚Best Student Film‘ at the Grace Film Festival for Paris you got me

‚Paris you got me‘ won ‚Best Student Film‘ at the Grace Film Festival in Berlin today.


Thanks to our friends the amazing pianist Lidia Kalendareva and the great composer Alin Cristian Oprea, photographer Hans Pieper, teammembers & allround artistic talent Thilan Stiller & his friend who came to the award ceremony 

The film will be shown in the ‚Moskau Edition‘ of the Grace Film Festival next year as our film is having the german premier at the Hofer Filmtage this week 

We are happy to be part of this very special & warm welcoming festival. Berlin you got us!👩‍🎤

Berlinale 2017 Impressions

Last week I was at the Berlinale
watching some films, hearing great talks and getting some inspirations for my next short: Paris, you got me! My producer Ann-Katrin Boberg and me pitched our project at the “Empfang der Filmhochschulen” – It was so nice to see so many ambitious, genious people influencing our media and society with their films and scenographic artworks.


Expo at the KunstHalle Berlin

Kollektiv- Ausstellung, als die NEUE KUNSTHALLE  mit Berliner Künstlern am 8./9. April im ehemaligen DEUTSCHEN GUGGENHEIM MUSEUMIch bekam einen tollen Platz im ersten Raum auf der rechten Seite neben dem Eingang!Besucher konnten bis zum 9. April 2013 für Ihr Lieblingsgemälde stimmen. Meine Nummer war 330! Collective exhibition, as the NEW KUNSTHALLE with Berlin artists on …