Bodypainting Shooting – Voucher includes:

• Whole body body painting (technique: depending on the motif with brush & sponge, airbrush, special effects)
•  Professional photo shoot  with body painting ( studio  and / or outdoor)
• Personal  discussion and advice
• Joint selection of favorites
• Including  5  retouched photos


Appointments by arrangement

Duration:   painting 6 hours   (full body 569€) or  3 hours   (half body, Babaybelly 498€ ) – photo shoot 1-2 hours.
Accompanying person  is welcome, parking spaces nearby

Body painting with underwear cover – on request also without

Frequently asked questions:

– Do I then feel completely naked during the shoot?

no, the color looks like a seamless body suit – Julie Boehm also uses different textures, motifs so that the model definitely doesn’t have to feel naked. The shoot can also only take place in the studio. Accompanying person is welcome

– I have no shooting or modeling experience – is that a problem?

no, Julie Boehm has been modeling herself since 2007 and likes to give coaching for posing -> she likes to give advice and with the favorite musical playlist in the background, shooting with body painting is just fun.

– I have circulatory problems if I have to stand longer – is that a problem?

in any case, you should eat and drink enough before painting.
With a booking we have no time pressure and can take a lot of breaks. * Painting is also possible while sitting.

Julie Boehm has many years of experience with different types of body painting models. Nevertheless, body painting is a somewhat strenuous activity for people who are not used to being able to stay still longer in everyday life.

– I freeze very quickly if I don’t move for a long time. What do you do about it?

There is a fan heater on site, as well as the model can also request warming pads (for the hands)

– I have an allergy to: e.g. latex, best. other things

have epilepsy / panic attacks

-> Please notify in advance! Julie Boehm is also a fitness trainer with “first aid training”, but not a doctor!

– Can I go to the toilet when I’m painted?

Sure, painting with slip is no obstacle.

– You see few male models on your sedcard – why?

body painting is actually more popular for women (especially at competitions) – but it makes no difference for Julie Boehm whether man or woman

It depends on the person, not what he looks like, what he does.

* Everyone is beautiful in their own way *

Every customer gets their design that only fits them!

Let yourself be transformed!

– more body painting references