Creative Makeup ‚Fractured Beauty’ beim SwissCreativeMakeup Contest

Impressionen mit meinem wunderschönen Model ROXY beim SwissCreativeMakeup Contest 2019, Katergorie PRO

Nun habe ich endlich das VideoReel unten mit publiziert. Viel Spass beim Ansehen.

✨‚Fractured Beauty’
The beauty we see is an illusion
A play of order and chaos on the eye
Order: the facets of the diamond that align Chaos: the flashes of the colors that defy

The visual appearance, however,
is only a part of the whole Broken light –
to know the truth
we need to look beyond the role

A diamond is a wonder of nature
A product of time and pressure and heat
It has a story and a value
That makes it more than just a treat

A diamond is a metaphor for life
A reminder of the challenges we face
It shows us how to shine and thrive
Despite the hardships and the pace

A diamond is a symbol of love
A token of commitment and devotion It represents the bond we share
And the beauty of our emotion

All Makeup Products I used here are by @cameleonpaint_official and skindex by Cameleon

Photo , Headpiece, Makeup, Poem and Concept by Julie Boehm
‚Fractured Beauty’


Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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