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Did you ever dreamed of being invited to film festivals, diving into networking with other filmmakers, becoming an award-winning filmmaker and showing your art to the world. My name is Julie Boehm, and I’m an Independent Filmmaker and artist from Germany. For the last two years, I traveled through the world and won more than 70 awards with my film Paris You Got Me.
I was very lucky and I learned a lot on this tour. I also met a lot of other filmmakers that were frustrated of paying too much for the distribution on film festivals. I started doing personal coaching’s via telephone and Skype. I still ended up saying, “One day, I want to create a film festival course to teach you all the things I would have loved to know before.” The secret of my great feedback was not only a good film,
but also a deep preparation for this tour. In this course, we will go through step-by-step to create your professional system that will include your trailer, synopsis, logline poster, and inexpensive, easy website, tips for your social media platforms and much more. Please also check the PDF resources. It is a condensed guide of the whole course. This course is for all ambitious, independent short filmmaker that are
open-minded to become their own Film Festival Miniature. Make the best of your film so that the world can see your art. Join me on preparing your baby for the best Film Festival tour you can imagine, let’s get started.