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Thank you

Congratulations, you have now reached the end of my course, How to build your Film Festival kit. Now you have the perfect place to submit your baby to film festivals. Please collect your press kit and all your work you have created and upload it here in the project’s gallery, where I can also give you feedback. I’m really looking forward to see your work.  If you have any open questions or points you missed in this course,
you can directly write me here. It’s my pleasure to help you and make this course even better. It’s my first course and I would be very happy when you rate it. This way, other filmmakers will also discover it to get help. Here I am announcing my part 2 of the Film Festival Strategy. It’s the strategy of Film Festival distribution. It is a road map of how, when, and where to plan your tour on a budget.
Make the best of your film so the world can see your art. You will find the whole PDF with all notes of the course and the resources of this last lesson. On the last page, there are menus for 2021. Currently, I’m working to building up a free caring community of independent filmmakers. My Film Festival Secrets Community. I hope you like my course and I’m really looking forward to see you somewhere, sometime on a film festival with your great art and enjoying your movie in seater.
I’ll see you and goodbye.