Locationscounting Saxon Switzerland Nationalpark

Last weekend we did a locationscounting tour through the Saxon Switzerland Nationalpark – preparations for the next film project with Epicscapes

It was quite a tough tour to walk but good training rewarded by the amazing view Beauty of Nature . The shooting will be in August… So be prepared for more magical  projects combining real shooting with fine art and animation 


Invitation exhibition ‘5. Internationale Kunstausstellung, Burg Kalteneck 2015’

16.oct 2015 there will be the vernissage of my next exhibtion ‘5.Internationale Kunstausstellung, Burg Kalteneck’ . There will be four international visual artists presenting their works. It is already booked out. Contorsionist Alina Ruppel will dance out of a painted installation. On Saturday 17. oct I will paint model Maria live into one of my canvas …