Calendar Bodypainting Adventures 2014 by ArtFashionStudio

Amazing Calendar 2014 created by Art Fashion Studio and CALVENDO with contribution from many inspiring bodypainters and talented models from Europe and North America!  Get your copy here: at Kalenderhaus or at Amazon (3 different sizes available!)


January: Dema Silverwings assisted by Ariana Assadi (model Anouck Fournier)
February: Einat Dan (model Julie Boehm)
March: Julie Boehm (model Ramona Schlossinger)
May: Natasha Kudashkina (model Julie Boehm) – VIDEO
June: Dema Silverwings assisted by Margo Comeau and Julie Boehm (model Raliat) – VIDEO
July: Natasha Kudashkina (model Julie Boehm) – VIDEO
August: Alfren Fabris (model Julie Boehm)
September: Model Julie Boehm
October: Lorie Hamel (model Myriam St-Louis)
November: Julie Boehm (model Mira)
December: Birgit Mörtl (model Anja Hrauda)

Photography: Dmitri Moisseev

Digital Composings: Julie Boehm

GET IT HERE: at Kalenderhaus or at Amazon


Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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