Bodypainting Adventures 2015 out now!

Calendar 2015 – here you can get it!

„Bodypainting Adventures Calendar” brings together unique fusions of Bodyart, Fashion and female Beauty from around the world. Art Fashion Studio team traveled to exotic locations for working with top body painters and dancers to create this magical and mysterious world. Join us on this incredible journey! By the way – the last year´s calendar is also available in an updated version!

Photos by Dmitri Moisseev
Digital Postproduction / creative composing: Julie Boehm

Shooting with Birgit Mörtl in Vienna / Model: Anja Hrauda

Shooting Bridal Pair with Julie Boehm in Berlin  / Model: Ramona Schlössinger
[vimeo 97410508 w=800 h=450]

White Swan Shooting , Bodypainter: Julie Boehm / model: Katja Trautwein


Artist for painting, multimedia, film living in Germany

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