Bodypainting-Shooting with contorsionist Alina

Here are the first photos of a creative bodypainting shooting with constorsionist Alina Ruppel. She will be also my model for the next vernissage performance 16th of october ‘INTERNATIONALE KUNSTAUSSTELLUNG’, Wasserburg Kalteneck  Hier sehen Sie ein paar Bilder welche aus dem Shooting mit der Schlangenfrau Alina Ruppel entstanden. Sie wird auch mein Model bei der Vernissage …

Kiss of Nature , Bodypainting Shooting making-of

Here is a new Bodypainting Shooting Making-Of I did with Art Fashion Studio Canada in Oct 2014

This painting was inspired by Nature Lovers, Kiss of Souls, Dancing moods, landscape of Canada…


Bodypainting Shooting “Kiss of Nature”
Model: Anouck Fournier
Bodypainter & Video: Julie Boehm
Colours: Cameleon Bodypaint
Photographer: Dmitri Moisseev
Art Fashion Studio


video & photos: Bridal Pair Painting for Art Fashion Studio – Calendar 2015

Models:the beautiful real bride pair:Ramona & Philip SchlössingerI wish them luck & happiness for their life together! Photographer: Dmitri Bodypainting, digital postproduction, making-of video: Happiness is not in our circumstance but in ourselves.It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel,like the heat of a fire.Happiness is something we are.John B. Sheerin – …

The Moth – Butterfly of the Night – Fashion Cooperation with Jay’s Delight

Here are some pictures of the last Berlin Bodypainting/Fashion Shooting 28.03.2014


I painted a beautiful moth inspired by fashion design – When you look closer , you will discover some new materials: to get the texture of fabric I experimented with liquid latex, napkins and more.

cooperation with Jay’s Delight Berlin – Judith Kinsky


Model: Ramona Schlössinger
Headfashion: Jay’s Delight Berlin
Photographer: Matthias Lippstreu
Bodypainting / Composing/ Retouch: Julie Boehm


Milos Shootingtrip LION – video & photos

Shootingtrip to Greece

September 2013
Models: Ramona Schlössinger, Julie Boehm, Leslie Hanzl
Bodypainters: Ramona Schlössinger and Julie Boehm
Photographers: Bert Kubik, Matthias Lippstreu, Veiko Uhlig, Klaus V-Foto
Video by Julie Boehm

Here you can find more pictures of our body painting fine art session with model Leslie Hanzel